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Awakening Paradigms – The Art of Forgiveness: An Indepth Analysis into the Embodiment of the Quantum Theoretical Approach to Zero Point and in the Four Aspects of Knowing with Dianne Collins (Part 2)

On the next highly-anticipated broadcast of Awakening Paradigms, the main topic of discussion for the second portion of this 2-part mini-series will focus upon the life-changing benefits of utilizing the “Quantum Think Approach” – as enthusiastically researched, produced, and enhanced by Dianne Collins – motivational speaker, life coach, and the author of her paradigm-shifting book – DO YOU QUANTUM THINK: NEW THINKING THAT WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD. This episode, in continuation from the last broadcast, will not only further delve into the importance of “Zero Point” but will also look deeper into Quantum Think’s Four Aspects of Knowing – the journey to a more participative sense of awareness. Do not miss this highly regarded episode of Awakening Paradigms. It will literally, not only change your perspective about what powers we do indeed possess, but it will also encourage us, the listener, to evolve to higher realms of knowing by providing the encouragement for anyone to focus one’s mental faculties towards the consciousness of clarity, simplicity, the acquirement of furthered heightened awareness, and in the self-empowering acknowledgement of release.

GUEST: Dianne Collins
WEBSITE: www.diannecollins.com
BOOK: Do You Quantum Think: New Thinking That Will Rock Your World

ARTIST: Herbsthauch
TRACK: Drinking Song
ALBUM: Recycled