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Conversations About Divorce – Shared Parenting After Divorce – is 50/50 the fairest way?

When I gave birth to my children, I never imagined that on a Friday evening I would be helping them pack their belongings, and sending them off to their dad’s and that they would be shuttling between our two homes. But that is what divorce with children means …
Shared parenting.
Not so long ago that phrase used to commonly mean the kids living with mom, and dad having visitation every other weekend. These days, words like visitation and custody are disappearing from the divorce vocabulary and are being replaced with parenting time and decision-making with an emphasis on the active involvement of both parents.
What that looks like is often dependent on what is in the best interest of the child. That could be changing to a presumption of 50/50 equal shared parenting.
Sounds fair doesn’t it? Sounds like that would help cut down on some of the custody disputes?
My guest, attorney Brenda Storey from Storey Law Offices in Denver, doesn’t think so. Brenda firmly believes a 50/50 presumption is more about fairness between parents and not about what is in the child’s best interest. She also believes that far from reducing litigation around child custody, laws such as this will result in increased litigation.
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