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Healing From Within – The Love Mindset with Vironika Tugaleva

In today’s episode of “Healing from Within”, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, welcomes Vironika Tugaleva author of The Love Mindset, who offers an unconventional and youthful approach to healing and happiness.

Vironika, after coming out of a decade of long mental health crisis experienced a spiritual awakening and what she has to say isn’t rhetorical fluff or indoctrinating dogma but a realization that many people are suffering from a deprivation of love and continue to suffer because they don’t know what love is, how to get it, or how to sustain fulfilling relationships. In investigating our dark age of broken relationships, mental health problems, low self-esteem, violence and isolating fear we will discuss ways to work towards love peace of mind and enduring happiness.

Vironika says as that as a young girl, she would compare yourself to every woman she saw and judged them to be prettier, skinnier, more attractive, especially actress Jennifer Aniston, and that lead her to either overeat or starve herself. Vironika tried to be perfect as we all think that perfection is possible and we should try to achieve this unrealistic goal. Sheryl suggests that if she knew something about Jennifer Aniston’s life and issues, she would see she is not perfect either and neither is anyone on the planet. The only perfection is in the imperfection which allows us the opportunities to learn acceptance self-love and to know you have been given by Spirit everything you need in this life to fulfill your destiny. You just have to let go of the opinions and expectations of the outside world and develop your inner values learning the Laws of Universal Energy, how to apply them to everyday life, and to really discover your own powerful magnificent divine nature.

Sheryl says we need to encourage our children to think on their own, make competent decisions about most things with less input from parents many of whom are like helicopter monitors stopping their children from thinking their own thoughts… Less interference and more acceptance of their children’s unique needs seems to be needed now.”

Vironika has been on a journey of self-healing. She writes “The greatest potential we have for opening our hearts lies in the opening of our minds. The heart is simply a bank of emotional potential. It’s a vastness of possible experience. We hold within us the capacity for joy love and laughter but not everyone uses that capacity. In order to use it we need to reach a unity between the heart and mind. In our thoughts we hold the key to our feelings. In our minds we hold the key to love. In the wise words of the Buddha: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

Sheryl agrees that this is the absolute truth: all seekers who wish to understand the nature of life and death discover the balance and cooperative nature in the understanding of the mind or physical ego life based experience and the heart or the soul or energy essence part of ourselves and how interconnected they are. In The Living Spirit Sheryl offers examples and stories that show as we learn to merge the wisdom of the Eastern and Western philosophies- and the healing modalities of the East with the technological practices of the West…..the mind based experience with the invisible energy or soul based experience…. we can come to live and love and know greater compassion hope and joy in living and to create better lives for ourselves and work towards a more evolved human condition. The only way to do this is to merge and work on all aspects of our human and energetic or divines life forces.

Vironika says. One important ingredient for discovering the secret to happiness in one word is LISTEN. Seeking for approval from others is a habit and pattern that we are encouraged to buy into by the media, our families and friends who like us do not understand the importance of inner wisdom, intuition or to the energetic or spiritual aspects of their lives. Seeking approval for discovering your own talents and aspirations wastes your energy and inspiration and interferes with our ability to make good decisions and choices.


Sheryl says “In The Living Sprit I share a similar idea to the importance of going within to discover what really is important to our state of wellbeing and suggest that Taking Responsibility For Our Happiness is the first step towards achieving it. Discovering what needs to change in our attitudes and interactions with others moves us past limiting beliefs fears and restrictions opens the heart and mind to greater joy and trust in living but we must each be introspective and discover what is holding us back. It is also important to recognize that many people believe and choose Perfection as their guide and since There is no one or nothing that is Perfect as we are constantly in a state of Evolution Expansion and Change we must relinquish this search for perfection and be happy with just doing the best humanly possible with the awareness we have at the time. In other words judgment expectation and dependence on other people’s views or perceptions will not help us on our own journey of self-investigation and is not the path to personal happiness joy and peace.”

Vironika writes “ I realized that your struggle with love both for yourself and for others had nothing to do with love’s availability. It had nothing to do with me either. It had nothing to do with how many pounds I weighed or whether the man across from me thought my cheeks were too big. I realized that what was really crucial about love was not me or him, you or them today or tomorrow. The answers to love, I found lie in the mind. The questions about love I also found lie within all of us, yet we’re so afraid to ask that we settle for any answer we are given.

Sheryl Says “In my book I suggest that love in all its forms lies in the heart or soul connection and soul awareness and in allowing the ego or mind to release pre-conceived thoughts and beliefs which restrain us from feeling love as only an emotion…it is not merely in the thinking, but in the being in love with self, life, nature, man and God that we find true peace. Vironika suggests love is not in the heart or physical emotion of feeling, but in the connection perception and soul awareness or that love comes through the Mind. I believe it is a mind heart and body connection as we are sensory beings and need both the emotional and philosophical views of the energy or physical mind view of love, to truly be free of many unrealistic and limiting values we give to what Love really is.

So Mind Opening is a process of developing awareness. Awareness is a perceptual state which means it must be noticed and Love Awareness is a state of mind that leads us to perceive love through our senses and experiences. Vironika says love awareness begins at home but it quickly spreads to our interactions with every person we meet including the person in the mirror.

Sheryl tells a story of when she remembered saying to a friend many years ago when there was a problem existing in our interpretation of certain events.. I thought you were HOME” . Sheryl didn’t understand the enormous power of that sudden declaration or realization in that moment…. but her search for home was in this conscious effort or mindset to be open honest and trusting of everyone as those were the values Sheryl held dear and tried to convey from her heart and mind in all connections with others.

Vironika writes “This state of sustained awareness where we no longer need to exert willful, conscious effort over the mind is exactly what I mean by the word mindset. By willfully directing your attention again and again, you will reach a point where your attention directs without your conscious effort. The Love mindset is like a compass that always points to love to get back to myself back home to reality.”Vironika suggests this is the way to always be vital, loving, compassionate, peaceful and enlightened citizens….when the mind gate stands open and the heart stands ready to receive these are like superhuman energy to give more appreciate more and laugh more.

Vironika further expresses that love, like food, is simple if we know the rules of how it works and we need to seek the truth of love…we could find ways to meet this vital need… love is more abundant and like the Sun is all around us keeping us alive and we need only adjust ourselves to Nature and Universal or Divine Energy to harvest the love we need. She says there are people all around who have passively submitted to their love deficiency and because of that exhibit some of the death symptoms we see are depression low self-esteem low motivation sexual dysfunction and laziness.. without love the passive submitters wither away: hope is lost and passion dies. Sheryl wonders if this could be the reason our world is in flux war an epidemic of Cancer Ebola greater separation between religions states countries natural catastrophes. Since our thoughts emotions and actions influence everyone vibrations of negativity jealously greed anger fear without love are DESTRUCTIVE. Vironika goes on to say that peace comes from making a choice to change and relinquish Suffering. Sheryl wholeheartedly agrees with Vironika and suggests that joy and well-being are our natural soul state and suffering is a manmade collective thought process of the mind and ego without allowing LOVE to help a continuous healthy growth and evolution process.

There is a quote Vironika gives from Carl Jung “What you resist, persists.” Vironika suggests that a mind gone astray from its true nature which is love and compassion is a mind that needs new leadership and new thoughts. To cultivate a love mind set you must undergo a revolution: you need not actively cleanse your mind of the self-protective, self-loathing, judgmental thoughts…example Like a tree watered with vodka, a mind polluted with these thoughts has already like the branches and leaves suffered…there is no way to take it back. The Solution is not to reverse the past or to improve the damage. It is simply to move forward into the future taking every opportunity to feed the roots fresh water and to create one tiny thought of goodness that might in 6 months become unconditional love and unshakable happiness. We can feed the mind thoughts of unity, harmony, similarity and the mind develops awareness. Over time it becomes easier to live without struggling and to love without hesitation.

Sheryl suggests ways in which one can begin to lose all negative self-defeating behaviors and begin to put forth positive energy into their thoughts and actions. First you must realize that in any given moment 50% of our incoming thoughts are negative. Our choice and focus must be to not engage or stay too long in these thoughts or energies and to focus on those that are more positive or productive and work towards achieving those results that are better for our healthier life style. Surrounding yourself with people who are on a similar quest, reading music, spending time in nature, exercise, work that one enjoys, education and involvement in charity, art, music , and an overall greater interaction with people, places and events that generate higher consciousness and a regard for living life purposefully and joyfully can promote happiness.


Sheryl wonders if people have to hit rock bottom, like Vironika did, in order to change.


Sheryl says “I think sometimes a person suffers a great love or great loss and then begins to open up to the possibilities that these events may take them deeper within themselves to discover an inner strength and reality for creative potential and that they can ask themselves many questions and begin to search for their own life plan and destiny leaving behind the expectations or hopes of others which may have taken them away from the life experiences that are necessary for their own view of Self and human conditions.


In Vironika’s search, she says she searched psychological relationship books and even spiritual ideas but resisted spirituality as having a high IQ and reasoning logically, she thought that heart stuff was the brain food of the uneducated. Sheryl relates by saying she thought the same way and followed the unfolding of her awakening intellectually before she became aware of the heart-mind-soul physical matter concept of life and evolution. In Sheryl’s book The Living Spirit, she shares the way through understanding energy and the Universal force of creation and life to find the balance between our spiritual and physical worlds and begin to appreciate the way we may manifest and create our best life filled with love oneness and Unity and Vironika writes which flows in this theme.


Vironika writes “Love is Unity. It is a spiritual web that ties together all living things. In any given moment there is a densely interrelated harmony, an interdependent unity between all the elements of any ecosystem if that ecosystem is to thrive. In any environment there is a background of unified self-perpetuating cycles that keep each element in the environment full of life. Love is the origin of life and the purpose of life. It is where all things come from and what they return to.”


Vironika and Sheryl have seen the beauty of the Spirit soar above the life challenges of a young women moving beyond the broken promises of others to the truth of her own being and discovering people are wonderful, life is a precious gift, and every moment can be a bit of magic and light when perceptions hopes and dreams are brought into reality by hard soul searching efforts and the support of those around us. An open mind is the key to an open heart and ultimately leads us to the truth of who we are as Spiritual Beings embarked on a journey in the physical world to know our own potential to love and be loved… not for whom we think we must become…. but for who we already are. Vironika has discovered that thoughts of harmony allow experiences of harmony and she writes “ The most interesting thing I have discovered on my journey is that people who have always had a love mind set do not always understand the concept. These people may or may not identify as spiritual. They may not be particularly interested in the concepts of love or unity by name. They do however presume equality between everyone in their actions and attitudes. They have been fed loving thoughts about themselves and others since birth, so they live in love naturally. Their love mind set is so automatic, so well-functioning that they do not even hear the thoughts that keep their minds open. The gates stand and have always stood to receive the loving experience.”


Sheryl and Vironika would hope that more parents educators political leaders and everyone create an environment for our children and future generations that provide this state of living so we can have this love mind set and values respecting honoring and accepting ourselves as we do everyone who we encounter on our human and spiritual journey of life.


Vironika Tugaleva

Guest: Vironika Tugaleva