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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Newest Advances In Facial Rejuvenation Discussed by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Debra Jaliman

Facial rejuvenation and other aspects of cosmetic dermatology continue to benefit from advancements in treatments, techniques, and technology. So to share these latest advancements this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, your host, Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka welcomes back Dr Debra Jaliman, board certified dermatologist from her practice on Fifth Avenue, New York City. Dr Lycka & Dr Jaliman begin by talking about the dermal filler Voluma and their experience of using it, and other dermal fillers. They then discuss a new topical product for Rosacea that Dr Jaliman has been using, and what it is that she likes about it and the results it gives. And lastly, the two doctors move onto talking about lasers for skin rejuvenation. They discuss the issue of results vs. downtime and both talk about different new lasers they have been using recently. Both doctors agree that the ongoing introduction of these newer, better procedures are exciting and good news for doctors and patients with increasingly busy lifestyles. This is the latest news – share it!


Download the Show Notes here for the detailed content of this interview in PDF format.