Love and Relationships

Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – Its You And Its Me Too: Stopping the Cycle of Relationship Dysfunction

Do you long to be in a committed relationship? Is your partner putting off that “C” conversation and not on the same page with you? Is the act of committing challenging for you or for your partner?

Its very possible that you are a Love Addict attracted to Commitment Phobes or a Commitment Phobe attracted to Love Addicts.

How can you know?

Are you a Love Addict?

Are you afraid of being single? Worried about what others think? Terrified of rejection? Tolerating abusive behavior and not ending the relationship for good?

Are you a Commitment Phobe?

Do you have trouble with feelings from the past? Desperately wanting to find the perfect woman? Getting bored after the Honeymoon Stage? Putting of making that commitment?

My guest expert for this episode is Emily Wilcox, the author of The Commitment Phobe: It’s Not You…It’s Him

Join us as Emily and I talk about women who are Love Addicts attracted to men who are Commitment Phobes.

It is not usual for me to use labels and jargon with you, but this dynamic is v-e-r-y common and I think you will be easily able to relate to the behaviors we are discussing, and find tremendous value for yourself!

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