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The Janet Love Show – Can the Quantum Reality Equation Change Your Life?

For far too many of us, modern life is a struggle. Millions of us are stressed, depressed, anxious, addicted, obese, terrified or angry. Are we doomed to live this way?
Dr. John McGrail answers with an emphatic no: “Anyone and everyone can create the life of their dreams.” In the Synthesis Effect, he shows you how, sharing his unique process in an engaging, friendly narrative that includes stories of real people overcoming real issues and empowering their live quickly and profoundly.
Can the Quantum Reality equation that Dr. John McGrail shares in this show and from his book, The Synthesis Effect be a formula to change your life? In this show Dr. McGrail shares his own struggles and those of his clients he’s helped, that led to the creation of this formula for living a Quantum Reality and how through applying it to your life you can shift into 21st Century thinking and living the life of your dreams!
Dr. John McGrail is a clinical hypnotherapist, self -improvement expert, and spiritual teacher. He offers hyponotherapy services where he utilizes The Synthesis Effect’s, as was to incorporate a Quantum Reality Equation with clients. He offers workshops and seminars around the country. He lives and works in the Los Angeles area.