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Healing from Within – Understanding Your Rhythmic Nature with Suzanne McQueen

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick, an Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher and the author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, which offers a clear understanding of the nature of our energetic connections and how to maximize our energetic life force for optimal success in living a healthy prosperous and fulfilling life journey, welcomes Suzanne McQueen author of 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks, who describes a remarkable system within each woman for understanding their own rhythmic nature. Suzanne coaches women on how to track the energies of their own hormonal rhythm using symbolism, archetypes and an easy to follow system which helps make sense of the emotional and physical effects of these changing cycles.

Suzanne and Sheryl will explore using sun seasons, moon phases and archetypes to awaken and rediscover long forgotten teachings of our female power and wisdom. In a non-technical and symbolic journey we will explore the 28 days of the female hormonal rhythm and tap into this primordial compass and ancient wisdom moving through our essence and physical energy and sexuality to find optimal times to connect, create, exercise, seduce, rest, lead and observe taking the mystery and guess work out of how to communicate and express our deepest needs to ourselves and others.

Suzanne tells us something about the 4 seasons 4 weeks blueprint and the several cycles in one:

Sex Cycle

Physical Energy Cycle

Communication Cycle

Mental Rejuvenation Cycle

Beauty Cycle

Each of these cycles moves through the phases together revealing its own pattern which complements the others. Each cycle will pass through various archetypal stages of Queen, Visionary, Artist, Builder, Fun Date, Lover, Goddess, Wise Woman World Leader, Athlete, Fire Walker or Monk. Everything you do today both physically and mindfully will be reflected in how you feel tomorrow and next week. The feminine cycle blueprint is about reproduction and producing. The feminine cycle is not just a physical manifestation of being a woman: it is a multi-dimensional tool for showing you your intellectual spiritual and physical energy rhythms and how to live life efficiently..

Suzanne suggests that this relates to the cycles of the Sun and Moon. The circadian rhythm meaning about or around day is the 24 hour Body Clock in tandem with the Earth’s rotation on its own axis and around the sun. Our sleep digestion sex drive overall energy and hormonal fluctuations are known to come alive and shut down at different times of the day and night ex. As night turns into day heart rate and blood pressure speed up in anticipation of increased physical activity and slow down when it is time to go to sleep. We know that the light of the Sun rules all life on the planet. The sun reaches its full amount of light energy on the Summer Solstice and its least amount of energy on the Winter Solstice. Men’s testosterone levels rise and fall in the same pattern daily as well as intensify or decrease with a 90 day pattern of four seasons in one year. Just as the Sun rules the day, the year and Men. The Moon rules the night the month and Women.

The Moon rhythm and the Monthly Feminine Cycle- it is said, that women used to cycle directly with the light of the Moon starting their menstrual cycles on or about the New Moon and ovulating as well as birthing babies on the Full Moon. It is said that women gathered in groups in various forms of Moon Lodges where they shared female time together

Week 1 Dark New Moon we are quiet and internal Week 2 The Waxing Moon’s light beginning to shine corresponds with our hormones heightening. We become more interested and interesting. Week 3 The Full Moon magnificent in beauty represents Ovulation…the height of our sex drive. We are magnificent and stunning at this time. Week 4 The light energy of the Waning Moon diminishes and will rest as it goes dark…Women begin to go within themselves Just like the moon the hormones adjust every single day and we are simply not the same person every day…our personalities don’t change but our mindset does…

The 4 Seasons in 4 weeks also works by Natural rhythms and are the circulatory systems of the Universe. All rhythms must be allowed to flow well for the maximum health of its inhabitants…no different than the human body. These rhythms within the universal body are interconnected and are a support system of the entire operation. If we clog an artery, we can cause a universal heart attack or live in a state of chronic global ill health. Dominance over or disregard for natural rhythms has caused humans to be disconnected with negative results…believing we are better than and separate from the environment is depleting our natural resources creating a crisis that is dire. Our world will not function at its best without the loving expression and wise counsel of the Authentic Female.

Each season represents one of the 4 weeks or phases in a woman’s monthly cycle having certain specific characteristics and needs.

Week 1 Fall Period Time Bleeding resting hormone level

Energetically Vital to Rest Meditate visionary and artistic energy: Symbolically Like falling leaves

Week 2 Winter Venus Week( Power Time) Estrogen rising rapidly uterine wall thickening:

Energetically—Electrified, very motivated and active: Symbolically Building energy rapidly Attracting a Partner Bold Powerful Sparkling…

Week 3 Spring Ovulation progesterone begins to rise to support uterine nest:

Energetically High is reached with confidence and wisdom: Symbolically Full Expression of Self Magnetic: wet

Week 4 Summer PMS changing this to the Fire Walk Uterine nest not needed and breaks down. Physical Energy high Mental energy focused :

Symbolically Irritated as if copping with the hottest day of the year. Emotional Releasing emotions. Stay out of my way behavior.

Promoting the virtues of the female cycle leads to ways to understand equality, well-being and enlightenment.

Suzanne speaks about three tribes of women. She tells us that there are only 3 kinds of females:

Those who have not yet bled…(pre-menopausal)

Those who bleed (reproductive years)

Those who bleed no more (menopause and after)

The three females are known as the Pre-bloods, Blood Givers and Blood Keepers. These terms are honest interpretations of our raw female experience and reality or cycles of a female life.

Suzanne gives a beneficial look at menopause describing it as the time when we’ve stopped giving our blood away every month for population purposes in exchange for keeping and nurturing the power within us. Menopause can happen naturally from 40 to 60’s or be initiated through hysterectomy at any age. At this stage we continue to carry the gift of the hormonal rhythm and while the hormones of our ovaries may cease to produce… our energetic bodies are alive and do not forget. Many become compassionate beings to the suffering of others and instead of being mothers who raise children become mothers who raise the world. We oversee, advise and make sure that the things that need to be addressed are done so.

Suzanne then goes on to tell us why would men want to understand these cycles and get in sync with this. Understanding these cycles affect how you will each respect the needs of the physical and emotional bodies Every cycle goes through a problem solving or descending stage before it rests and builds and the feminine cycle is no different. For men and women to understand their body and the cycles which affect their physical activity, emotions and behavioral patterns make it easier to accept and allow for change and adaptation to the various needs of these different physical cycles and enhances relationships between the genders…yes a woman may be more sensitive at the time of her menstrual cycle and need some gentle support and is not the time for a man to take advantage or badmouth her for this normal condition. Sheryl responds that she has heard all too often expressions of this kind and this is just ignorance. Actually a course for teenagers about sexuality and these hormonal cycles would be very beneficial in helping improve male –female relationships.

The Man Guide in your book suggests paying attention to certain clues for better interaction during each week of the monthly cycle..

The most important thing about creating participating and maintaining a great relationship is this: courting needs to happen all month long and throughout the entirety of the relationship…this puts a large responsibility on the man to be creative and endearing minus ego or physical restrictions focusing on heartfelt interaction. This is the first step to making love to a woman really exciting and balanced over time.

For Week 1 Fall Support her efforts to rest and rejuvenate support her projects and connect at the heart and be honored by her man For Week 2 Winter When her chemistry would like to align to yours more than anything and just have fun be romantic and feel her support for you.(Date Week)For Week 3 Spring Your honey is motivated and has her man on her mind. Primal responses that she may not even be aware of. You will have an opportunity to be the hero and protector. For Week 4 Summer Sexuality from zero to one hundred.. Be the attentive lover…by the end of the week you should be howling at the Moon

Suzanne goes on to tell us ways to begin a self-reflective and empowering practice using her system. Suzanne is dedicated to changing the way the world views women by changing the way women view themselves…

Sheryl Says, “In my new book The Living Spirit, I address the way happiness is achieved by an inward process of the Soul and write…. A famous quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar made a strong and lasting impression on me….He said “The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” Since I receive intuitive messages for my clients many people have asked me, “ How can I find peace and happiness in my life?” The answer I give is simple.. “ Before there can be peace and happiness in a person’s life and in the world, every person must be responsible to do their own work about acknowledging what needs to change within their attitudes or actions so they may better relate to the outer world. Finding true happiness and joy is the natural outcome of self-investigation.”

Suzanne writes, “ Each woman is the Wisdom Keeper of her own sacred vessel her treasured womb—the source of creation, which contains the buried feminine cycle blueprint—the original and ever –evolving Feminine Insight: woman’s unbounded potential magnanimous influence and royalty—Womb Wisdom

Suzanne in her book asks men to balance their end of the scale by stepping into a higher more mature position of power as men who align with women becoming the true heroes who protect by protecting our rights and who co-create rather than dominate.

Suzanne decided to write this book because one of her male friends came to understand the female sex drive in a new way. Suzanne thought her book would take 2 months to write but it took 7 years. Suzanne says, “Though we have made great gains in some ways, we continue to be stuck or go backwards in other ways. Primarily, politically and socially, women still earn less than a man in the same job and women.”

Suzanne and Sheryl have explored the inner world hormonally and also spiritually of the many underlying influences that affect a woman’s decision making processes and the challenges of her own body rhythms in accordance with societal and political systems which affect the way she interacts with and maneuvers her way through the life experience. It is in the best interest of everyone concerned to be aware of the physical emotional and spiritual needs of any individual as we seek multi-dimensional awareness of our Universal Life Energy Force and the methods and means available to us when we connect to our highest intuition and awaken our innate inner system of wisdom that helps us once again remember the truly empowered and loving beings we are. We can manifest through mastering their own emotions and physical conditions by aligning to the Circadian and natural rhythms of our bodies and the Universe. Releasing or working with the stresses and conditions that make us thrive or flounder in our everyday situations and dealing with them effectively is the goal.

Suzanne wrote, “Addressing a crowd at Amherst College in 2001 Alana Hartzog stated “The European indigenous women were strong and clear with women with equal status to men. They could stand their ground because they had access to the common lands. The imperial forces called them witches. Women who practiced healing and agriculture and were leaders of their communities. The Holy Inquisition targeted and eliminated this group of women because of the threat they posed to a Patriarchal Male dominated society…We feel the loss of this pure elevated honor of women and many people worldwide are making efforts to bring it back. Ceremonies prayers and events are gaining speed to raise the consciousness of the planet by helping us tap into this sacred equal respect of genders and remember it. We are doing our best to access the lost and oppressed information of our ancestors from a time when women were truly respected (without domination) and men had true honor (without dominating.)”

Suzanne and Sheryl would ask you to reach into our past to remember the wisdom of the Feminine psych and call to the mature Masculine energies to challenge the “power hungry mentality” that has run the world for too long and now help create a loving and kind populace free of global atrocities. In embracing our greatest inner wisdom with confidence integrity and a sense of honor we may move forward to peace harmony and balance which supports and nurtures all people and our planet.

Suzanne McQueen

Guest: Suzanne Mathis McQueen