Spirituality and Philosophy

The Message And The Masters

Mychael Shane

The Message And The Masters – Depression and Sadness

In this episode Rev. Mychael and Rev.Rory discuss the world wide problem of  depression. They discuss the use of psychiatry, medication and counseling as tools to deal with this problem and also the tremendously effective method of past-life regression and healing that is used by Rev. Mychael and others. Emphasized is the observation that much of the cause of these symptoms is based in patterns generated by events in the  cellular memory from past lives. Also the practice of some, who suffer, to hold on to these patterns because they are a focus of control or gaining attention from others.  Rev. Mychael explains that as time speeds up toward the Integration pressure will increase on everyone to let go of these patterns and to be healed. The very nature and power of the vibrational  changes will compel people to let go.  I they choose not to they will not be allowed to reincarnate in the New Earth, whose manifestation is just beginning.