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The Roots of Health – Disconnected with Meredith Rhodes Carson

Human beings adapt to their environment. In fact in nature, the process of adaptation enables the fitness and survival of a species. Human beings have successfully adapted to their environment for the past few hundred to few million years (depending on where you interpret the first human species) to populate the Earth.

And we have populated the Earth. But would you say that the adaptations that we face today are enabling the fitness and survival of our species going forward? A great example of what happens to human beings outside of their natural environment is to consider what happens to astronauts when they are sent into space. We can measure what happens to their bodies, bones, muscles etc. in the absence of gravity. It’s pretty remarkable how fast their body begins to adapt to their new environment. Without gravity to force them to support their own body weight, calcium begins to leach from their bones and their muscles begin to atrophy in a matter of days.

Let’s learn from this modern experiment – and seek to understand the disconnect between our ancestral environment and our modern environment.

On today’s show, I outline 5 areas where there have been major changes between our ancestral environment and the environment that we face today. I also begin to offer ideas on how to align your modern life more closely with the environment that successfully shaped our species – for the purpose of your own health gain today.

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