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Lift Like A Girl

Nia Shanks

Lift Like A Girl – How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off Long-Term

Whether you have just a little bit of body fat you want to lose so you can wear your favorite pair of jeans, or you have quite a bit of excess fat to lose to improve your health, you’re going to benefit from today’s show.

Joining Nia in this episode is Heather Robertson from Half Size Me and they cover why quick-fix fat loss methods are not the answer and how you can achieve fat loss AND maintain it long-term, the sane and simple way. And perhaps most importantly they explain why, and of course how, you can love your body at this very moment, no matter how much you weigh.

You can get more information from Heather on her website and Facebook page. For more by Nia and to join the Lift Like a Girl revolution, go to her website.