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The Janet Love Show – Hidden Beliefs That Drive Weight Loss Sabotage with Asher Fox

Are You Secretly Afraid You Will Be Fat Forever?
Do you still think that more knowledge about nutrition and exercise is the key to finally losing the weight for good? Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. Many people try every diet, pill, shake and exercise plan out there, and end up gaining it all back and just as overweight and unhappy as they were before they tried losing the weight in the first place!

This is because lifelong weight loss isn’t just about gaining more knowledge. In order to lose the weight for good, you must deal not only with the conscious mind, but also tap into the incredible power of your subconscious mind.

Fat to Fearless is a unique approach to successful body transformation that looks beyond the latest weight loss plans and fad diets, and instead explores the underlying emotional and subconscious factors that lead to self-sabotage, emotional eating and loss of willpower!
Asher Fox, a former 300lb personal trainer turned therapist and Subconscious Behaviorist create the Fat to Fearless program to enable others to achieve the same long-term weight loss success that he has enjoyed since he unlocked the key to long term weight loss and high self esteem!