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The Roots of Health – The 7 Deadly Estro-Sins with Bonnie Penner

There’s nothing like a warm bubble bath to relax you, maybe in a tub surrounded by vanilla-scented candles… And once you’re done, for sure you’ll want to moisturize before you lounge around in your super soft & fluffy bath robe. This sort of self-care is encouraged by health & wellness professionals everywhere. I should know, I sanction this activity. But are the bubbles and fragrances and lotions and fabric softeners that make this scenario so luxurious doing your body more harm than good?

Here to help us answer this question is Bonnie Penner – a woman on a mission to educate us about the dangers of xenoestrogens in our lives and to provide solutions for us so that we can keep our self-care routine safe & truly health promoting.

Bonnie and I discuss what xenoestrogens are, how you can identify them in your life, and what you can do to replace them so that you can live xenoestrogen free. We talk about BPA (#7 plastics) & Phthlates (#3 plastics) to introduce the idea of xenoestrogens – and go on to define the BS FACTS – an acronym to help you remember the ‘7 Deadly Estro-Sins’ (Bubbles, Scents, Fire Retardants, Antibacterial Products, Cans, Three’s & Seven’s, & SPF).

Bonnie has agreed to join me again to talk about her personal story and the biological impact of xenoestrogens, as well as for a show discussing the ways to detox from xenoestrogen exposure. I’m looking forward to having her back on the show! Stay tuned!


Bonnie’s Bio

Bonnie Penner is the founder of Zero Xeno. She is a public speaker who has a passion for spreading the word about the dangers of xenoestrogens – chemicals that mimic estrogen and wreak havoc on normal hormone balance. Along with this message, she has been formulating xenoestrogen-free products for over 25 years. Penner is known as ‘The Xenoestrogen Expert’ and began ‘The Zero Xeno Movement!’ ‘The Zero Xeno Movement’ aims to raise awareness about harmful xenoestrogens found in products the average person uses every day. Individuals who join this Movement are becoming aware of what xenoestrogens are, where they are hidden and how to avoid them.

Zero Xeno is proud to be a 100% Canadian owned company based in Kelowna, BC Canada. They manufacture a variety of xenoestrogen-free products. Their retail products include organic Kombucha shampoo, hair conditioner, body washes and other personal care products made from food grade ingredients. Additionally, they produce organic baby care products, household cleaners and a line of fermented beverages to help to detoxify xenoestrogens from your body.