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Brett Goldstein

Your Money Show – The Moses of Wall Street  Talked with Ron Tank, The Moses of Wall Street.  Ron Tank, an ordained Baptist Deacon and a Sunday School Teacher first gained national attention and recognition when he was profiled with his brother in Investor’s Business Daily after submitting his astounding 5,000% gains.  These were “real-world” returns verified by Investor’s Business Daily.

Now he is the author of the book, The Moses of Wall Street.  In the book he describes how he started investing with only a few thousand dollars, turned it into millions, only to almost lose it all. Then right in the bible, hidden in plain sight, he found what he calls the “Decision-Maker DNA™.”

For the past twenty years he has been earning his living solely by investing in the stock market, using the strategies he outlines in his book The Moses of Wall Street.

Ron says that it doesn’t matter whether you are new to investing and have a few thousand dollars or you have decades of experience and many millions to invest, you’ll be surprised at how his Triple Tank System works and how easy it is.

We also talked about divorces and who gets custody of your 401k.