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Connie Whitman

Architect of Change – Giving Back Feels Good

What’s the value of your time?  Would you be able to put an hourly rate on it?  What if I told you that earning $0 per hour can be priceless, would you think I’m nuts?

Well today we are going to speak about just that.  For $0, how we can experience joy, good will, passion and compassion by giving your time to a charity or cause that you believe in.  What’s your passion or cause that has inspired you to give countless hours and the reward back to you being exponential in nature.  Does your heart grow just a little, does your insides feel warm and filled with love and compassion.

These are emotions that are so necessary for us as humans and so easy to achieve.  Today your host, Connie Whitman, will speak with Al Giobbie, SVP – Regional Manager at Provident Bank.  Al will share his experience about volunteering countless hours of his valuable time, to the Monmouth Park Charity Fund.  This fund has inspired him to take an active role in various positions from being a board member for six years to finally becoming the Treasurer for the past three years.  His passion for volunteering and giving back has truly created impactful change and growth for this charity.