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Joel Ayala Ayapana and Irvin "Skipp" Young

Awakening Paradigms – Walking into the Esoteric World of Wonder: The Angelic Realms of Acknowledgement with Special Guest June Lundgren (Part One)

On the next eye-opening broadcast of Awakening Paradigms, the World of Angels and Archangels will be discussed in detail as June Lundgren, author of her intriguing book – A Medium’s Guide to the Paranormal, will join in on the conversation within the heightened vibrations of this sacred space. At the completion of this program, the listener will grasp into a beginner’s level of understanding of the innate interconnection possessed between Man and in Man’s Heavenly Protectors of the Divine.

GUEST: June Lundgren
WEBSITE: www.mysticconnections.org
BOOK: A Medium’s Guide to the Paranormal

ARTIST: Juju Planet Dub
TRACK: Homeland
ALBUM: Recycled