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Stephanie Erickson

Caregivers’ Circle – Mental Health Struggles: the Forgotten Chronic Condition for Individuals and their Families

When you meet a friend for coffee, strike up a conversation with a colleague, or wave hello to a neighbor on your street, you really have no idea as to what their internal struggles may be.  Mental health is something that can be concealed easily.  Those who grapple with mental health and its impact on their lives do not wrestle alone.  Parents, children, friends, and family can suffer, struggle and agonize right alongside their loved one as the challenges of mental health are persistent and steadfast throughout one’s life. This week’s guest, Dr. Michelle Riba, past president of the American Psychiatric Association and clinical professor and associate chair for Integrated Medical and Psychiatric Services in the Department of Psychiatry at Michigan University discusses the impact of chronic mental health issues on individuals and their families.

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