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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – The Spiritual Hierarchy and our Relationship to the Devine

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.

Special Guest: Dimitri Moraitis And Barbara Martin

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of her newest book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love is delighted to welcome Barbara Martin and Dimitri Moraitis authors of Communing with the Divine. Whether or not you have yet had experiences with celestial beings, this book will bring you close to the divine aspects of our lives and your own mystical nature. Barbara and Dimitri are co-founders of Spiritual Arts Institute, a nonprofit metaphysical educational corporation in Los Angeles California providing people from all walks of life to develop their spiritual potential, healing and teaching skills through books, classes, and workshops. Barbara is considered one of the foremost clairvoyants and metaphysical teachers and was born with highly developed spiritual sensories. As a child, she could see the auras in its subtleties, observe and communicate with spiritual beings and showed precognitive abilities. As an adult, she added the ability to consciously travel to the spirit worlds. Dimitri draws on 30 years of metaphysical training, originally trained in Film/TV, Dimitri redirected his life’s work to pursue the path of Metaphysics and is the Executive Director of Spiritual Arts Institute.

Barbara Martin and Dimitri Moraitis who have taught thousands to better themselves by working with their aura and spiritual energy will offer effective tools to help listeners strengthen their intuitive and inspirational powers to glean wisdom and knowledge from that higher vibrational plan of the Divine.

Sheryl was intrigued upon reading Barbara’s earliest experiences with Spirit was when she was young. The “Holy Ones” would present themselves and she learned there were many types of celestial beings… Barbara writes “When I was around eight I tried to find my father who was a Greek Orthodox Priest that he had a message and must say my Dad loved to tell stories of the Saints. I particularly loved Saint Spiridon an orphaned boy, a shepherd and then priest known for his incredible kindness and wisdom and that day while looking for my father, Saint Spiridon emerged from his icon, smiled at me and I smiled back…I did not share the experience with my father.” When Barbara was eleven years old, while living in Kansas and taking acting lessons with a well-known teacher named Dorothy La Moss in the Midwest, Barbara found out she was a Hermetic Scientist and very clairvoyant which sparked Barbara’s highly developed sensories.

Dimitri goes on to define the Spiritual Hierarchy. Within the oneness there is a hierarchy of God. God is not static or inert but unfolding in even greater creation and glory. The vastness of this process is hard to phantom. Helena Blavatsky once wrote “Our Universe is only one of an infinite number of Universes each one standing in the relation of an effect as regards its predecessor…” This stupendous development has neither conceivable beginning nor imaginable end.

In our metaphysical work the threefold aspect of God is recognized as the following:

  • God the Father/Holy Mother
  • God the Almighty
  • God the Absolute- Absolutely All That Is

The Spiritual Hierarchy is organized not in a random way but we are participants in this creative order of life…This is known as The Twelve Kingdoms of Nature –this not only includes aspects of nature such as plants, animals, and humans, but also the Holy Ones…the Angels, the Archangels, and other celestial beings. In other words, the Divine beings who guide our evolution are part of the same hierarchal order of life as us. Metaphysics teaches us that life is organized according to levels of consciousness. This brings us back to the idea that we are not our body. We are a soul inhabiting a body. Our body is an expression of our soul. Celestial beings are in a glorified ethereal form of their own.


The Twelve Kingdoms of Nature represent 12 stages of development.  The categories are from most developed to least developed:

  1. The Unnamed Sacred Twelfth Kingdom
  2. The Unnamed Sacred Eleventh Kingdom
  3. The Archangelic Kingdom
  6. The Animal Kingdom
  8. The Unnamed Nonphysical Kingdom
  9. The Plant Kingdom
  10. The Elemental Kingdom­­­—- LAST 3: AWAKENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS
  11. The Mineral Kingdom
  12. The Structure Kingdom

Sheryl and Dimitri go on to discuss angelic influences- spirit guides and relatives or souls who are still connected to us. As a term, spirit guides were often seen as family and relatives who were watching over us like the angels and nature spirits, but this is not accurate. Spirit guides are souls at the Initiate level of development in that higher realm of life, known as the Spiritual Hierarchy (previously discussed). Spirit Guides act as a link to the human celestial teachers or the angelic teachers until the seeker finds a true teacher in the physical realm. Spirit Guides work with us more often and are closer to us in higher vibration and more accessible than human celestial teachers and angelic teachers at a higher level which come in to help us at appropriate times. They all answer to higher Spiritual teachers and can support us until we are able to reach a higher level of awareness or consciousness. On a day to day basis we work with Angelic Teachers….The word angel means messenger from the Greek interpretation…

There are seven cycles of Angelic Evolution as follows

  1. Cherubs
  2. Joy Guides
  3. Divine Energy Angels
  4. Guardian Angels
  5. Teaching Angels
  6. Choir Angels
  7. Great Divine Brotherhood Angels

Each of us entering physical life is assigned two guardian angels to watch over us- a dynamic angel and a magnetic angel who stay with you throughout your life. They help to make sure the many spiritual connections are maintained. However, remember it is the job of the Holy Ones to help us in our spiritual journey but not to interfere in the affairs of human free will. Many times the angels have to stand by as we make mistakes…we do have karmic conditions to consider.

The two guardian angels are Teaching Angels and Choir Angels.

Teaching Angels know us better than we know ourselves and help us with specific projects as they are specialists in certain areas. Sometimes teachers from the human kingdom (celestial human teachers) are teachers as well in the spiritual kingdom and have been in the heaven worlds for some time. Since they have experienced what we are going through they are an excellent support team.

Choir Angels help us reach our true spiritual self, are very involved in the teacher-student relationship, and take us to the inner worlds for guidance and direction. They help awaken us to our spiritual path and help us conquer our lower nature so we can eventually reach enlightenment.

There are nine orders of choir angels:

  1. Angels
  2. Archangels
  3. Principalities
  4. Powers
  5. Virtues
  6. Dominions
  7. Thrones
  8. Cherubim
  9. Eraphim

The Great Divine Brotherhood angels are the elite of the angelic world. They work with illuminated souls to help them reach even higher levels of awareness and to more fully express the divine gifts they have worked so hard to earn.

In Communing with the Divine, four major Archangels are mentioned. The word “archangel” comes from the Greek meaning chief or first angel. Archangels are full of divine presence and maintain a direct awareness of God. Because of their developed status and omniscience, or knowledge, they can pay attention on a collective whole basis or to the smallest detail and are aware of everything as a whole. The Archangels are the custodians of tremendous reservoirs of Divine Light and without this down pouring of light, humanity could not function and grow.

There are 12 Archangels. The first four are:

  1. Archangel Michael- Archangel of Protection-senior metaphysical teaching archangel directing esoteric schools
  2. Archangel Gabriel- One of most essential roles is as the healer archangel and prosperity angel
  3. Archangel Raphael – a divine intelligence and perception to keep humanity going in the right direction-assists in the flow of business and commerce, banking and finance, and inspires scientists and inventors-education and communications expert.
  4. Archangel Uriel-angel of love peace and compassion a group called Sisters in Light work with him and help all the children during their formative years especially those going through illnesses or accidents…help abused children and orphans

Sheryl asks Dimitri why he thinks it important for everyone to be aware of celestial beings and why it is important to work with them. In Sheryl’s newly released book, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, she suggests through stories, coincidences and miracles, that as you become aware of your dual nature as spiritual and physical beings and are able to tap into Universal Energy, you can access the beauty and qualities of both worlds and of these miraculous entities of higher life. You have an infinite source of support and wisdom at your disposal and can develop your spiritual gifts by going within to reach your higher Self. By doing so, you can develop soul maturity and can learn to allow, accept and surrender to the challenges of physical life while holding peace, love and compassion in your soul heart essence at all times. You can learn to feel all emotions but not be held in their emotional pull and by knowing you are more than this limited time, place, and physical body, you can move through any trauma, free of fear and the limitations of your familial, societal, educational, and religious belief systems, aligning you to the Universal Energy of Source and Truth.

The most important things Dimitri wants people to walk away from after reading Communing with the Divine is that the unifying principle of all life from the simplest atom to the greatest celestial kingdom is the Oneness. As part of God, everything in life is part of the unity and Oneness of life. We are all interconnected. This means that all things in creation draw their life from the same spiritual energy or source and there is no power apart from that Source. Build your conscious awareness of this Oneness so you can connect and draw more fully from this unifying source. Oneness does not mean sameness, as we are all unique and individualized…there is clearly dynamics and polarity such as light and shadow, heat and cold, and day and night for example.

Sheryl resonated in harmony and through her own experiences as a Reiki energy teacher and medium, to what Barbara wrote. “The first step in understanding God is to better understand ourselves, “Who am I? is one of the most philosophical questions of the ages. Metaphysics teaches that you are not your body. You are not even your personality. You are an immortal soul. Your soul is an individualized spark of life. This life is eternal—without beginning or end. Your soul in some form has always existed and always will. “It is one of the greatest moments in your evolution to discover and identify with the immortal you.”

Sheryl, earlier in her life, as a skeptic, discovered the reality of Conscious surviving physical death and began to feel the energy of spiritual beings that surround her and all of us with love and their desire to help us to develop our spiritual gifts to love life and God. Sheryl believes herself, as a result of this new knowledge, to have been kissed by the power of the Universe and wished to share this joyful message of eternal life with everyone. Sheryl thanks Barbara and Dimitri for their extensive studies and for validating many of Sheryl’s own personal discoveries adding clarity and greater wisdom to her knowledge of Universal Energy and our responsibilities as divine humans to evolve, co-create, and participate in the many miracles of our everyday life.