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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – Finding Joy in Motherhood

Let’s face it: motherhood isn’t easy, and it’s not always a joyful experience. How can we learn to pay attention to the joyful moments, to create more joy, and to experience more happiness in motherhood? My first guest, Becky Bagley, is a mom of 6, a crossing guard, a cooking school entrepreneur, and she also happens to be my book editor and dear friend since fifth grade! Becky shares her experiences with overcoming postpartum depression and self-doubt to become a truly joy-filled mother. Then, Jessica Fowler, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, mom of 2, and founder of The Mommy Happiness Project, talks with me about what happiness really means in motherhood, how to practice mindfulness to feel more present and joyful, and how to overcome self-defeating thoughts that often get in our way. Get happy with us in this show that you won’t want to miss!