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Win Win Parenting

Dr. Rosina McAlpine

Win Win Parenting – Raising Well-Balanced Children Without Rewards, Discipline or Punishment

Are you yelling, disciplining, punishing and even bribing your children to get them to listen and cooperate? And do you find that afterwards when things calm down you feel guilty and wish you’d handled it better? In this second episode of Win Win Parenting Dr Rosina shares her unique approach to parenting that supports you to raise caring, cooperative and capable kids without the need to reward or punish your children.

Dr Robyn Mills, psychologist, grandmother, radio and TV host is the special guest on the show to interview Dr Rosina about her practical and effective research-based approach to parenting that’s good for parents and good for kids – that’s why it’s a win – win.

Whether you have a baby, toddler, young child or teenager – you’ll walk away with ideas and approaches that are good for your whole family.

If you’re a busy parent struggling with everyday parenting challenges, maybe you’re feeling guilty or you just need some fresh practical parenting ideas then listen in and you’ll learn:

  • Why harsh parenting is harmful for the whole family.
  • Why rewards and bribes are only short-term fixes leaving bigger long term problems.
  • A brand new way to parent using Dr Rosina’s effective 3 step approach called S.E.E Parenting which stands for Stop, Empathise and Educate.
  • The steps to become a more confident and capable parent, teach your children life skills and have more peace in your home.

Learn more about Dr Robyn Mills on her blog, and learn more about Dr Rosina’s practical Win Win Parenting approach. Feel free to ask Dr Rosina your parenting questions at