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Healing From Within – WE DON’T DIE

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick energy healer/medium author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes Sandra Champlain author of We Don’t Die it. It is Sheryl’s pleasure to have a talk with Sandra also a medium to share their ideas of energy and life which will hopefully dispel your fears of death and dying and shed light on the creative beings of Spirit and Eternal Life that we really are. This miraculous knowledge can show you how to live an empowered fearless and focused joyful life experience. Sandra will share her fear of dying and the skepticism that led her on a journey of discovery through the disciplines of science and medicine to uncover the clear undeniable truth that we don’t die. Sandra travels the United States and Canada as chef for many world class race teams including Andretti, Rahal and actor Patrick Dempsey. She owns Kent Coffee and Chocolate Company in Connecticut.

Sheryl tells a short funny story to Sandra about how she just picked up an Energy Times magazine and read an article on Patrick Dempsey, whose picture was on the cover and then picked up Sandra’s book and read about Patrick Dempsey. Coincidence?? Sheryl’s first book Life Is No Coincidence- The Life and afterlife Connection was her awakening to the fact that psychics and mediums received information that was most times correct and there was no way they could be privy to this information except for the fact that there is an afterlife and consciousness survives physical death. Coincidences and messages received by mediums and psychics are not random and are God or Spirits way of amusing us and reminding us of our soul connection to the eternal or Unseen World and to the divine nature of life.

Sandra says she would call herself a skeptic because like all children your magical world disappears and your new world of trusting no one soon begins. Sandra realized her parents had lied to her about Santa Claus when she discovered a box that she had seen in her mother’s closet and it had a tag saying it was from Santa Claus.

Sheryl says “I agree that loss of trust in a child is the beginning of their loss of their own soul and magnificent connection to Universal Source and a great wound to the heart… when my son was about 5 his grandfather told him there was no Santa Claus and I was so horrified to witness insensitive people harm children by dimming the light of spirit and happiness that glows within us because of the magic of imagination… I believe everything the mind can think or embrace has some reality on some level of energy or the thought process as we could not conceive of these ideas without having known them in the past and retaining the possibility of creating them in reality again.”

Sandra also mentions the Voice in her head was quick to remind her of how awful she was and how different from other children she was and spent a lot of time alone developing her own interests. Sheryl tells Sandra she recently read in an article in Oprah that the quirks or uniqueness that separate some young adults from others later on help them to achieve success and satisfaction in their lives.

Like Sandra, Sheryl was a skeptic and afraid of death only because her family had no belief in an afterlife. On some level even as a child Sheryl could not conceive of anyone dying. Sheryl says “It was after a dream I had where my grandfather presented himself in shadow form and I could feel him standing near to me and sensed in thought form that I had to write something for my father that I felt this was more than a dream. The next day I had a call from my mom and was told my Dad had passed…I wrote his eulogy but could not forget the feeling of connection to my grandfather that was so real during what I thought was a dream. Several years later I was guided to read a book by Medium John Edward who described what had happened that night and he called it a Spiritual Visitation…I told myself if it was a visit then where was my grandfather living and how could I communicate with him again. That started my research into how psychic mediums receive information from that higher realm of life and eventually I studied Reiki energy healing which was an opening to receive higher Universal energy. Those I have taught Reiki to have also developed their innate gifts of communication with Spirit.”

In Sheryl’s new book The Living Spirit, she shares stories and readings in which she hopes that it can be seen that consciousness survives physical death and love is the bond and bridge between the worlds of the Seen and Unseen. One example Sheryl gives is a reading she was asked to do immediately upon the passing of a young man Michael. Michael had passed in a motorcycle accident and was her daughter Jessica’s boyfriend. Michael in impressions and thoughts showed me how he had catapulted over the handlebars and had died quickly without pain, had lifted up and was guided by beautiful light beings ahead. Michael looked back and knew he would be mourned and missed but knew it was his time and saw the life that he was entering and moved forward joyfully. He shared details of his funeral and where he was to be buried, the place upstate that he loved and his hope to have been a police officer and he told Jessica that he was sorry he had been so possessive and controlling but loved her and would watch her have another and different love in the future. Jessica said that the messages sounded just the way he spoke and was comforted by his love and the vision of the place he now existed in. When I first began my study of mediums receiving accurate information I had no idea I would develop the ability to do that work but still was determined to share the greatest piece of information I now knew to be true and like Sandra this beautiful gift we share and love we have is part of communicating with Spirit and knowing We don’t die but transform. AS we grow into more aware souls here in the physical world we can refine our thinking and behaviors to transcend physical life experiences and come to see the endless possibilities ahead.

Sandra then goes on to describe Heaven. Imagine you are a spirit or a soul with a transparent body enjoying a wonderful experience and your daily activities consist of floating around the Universe having conversations with other souls and merely think a thought and your wish is granted…but after a time you may become bored and a life on Earth provides a place where you can have an adventure… emotions to feel and the senses of the physical body..You have probably chosen several emotions to focus on in this lifetime and will be given situations to help feel- know- and refine these emotions. You will forget the eternal soul you really are so you will have a companion or Guide to remind you and this companion will be the voice inside your mind. The whole purpose of a life on Earth is to get smarter and become The Being of Magnificent Radiance so when you return to Heaven or that higher dimension of life you can rise up in The Spirit Hierarchy described by Barbara Martin and Dimitri Moriatis in their book “Communing With the Divine.” They were recently guests on this show and can be heard on the radio page of my website along with Dr Moody and Dr Alexander and many others who share their understanding of an Afterlife and the thoughts Sandra and I are talking about today.

Sandra wrote this book because “I want you to imagine and remember that we all came into this world the same way: we lived our first few years believing anything was possible for us and then as you see we got shut down rather quickly. I got lost in the amusement park and felt alone; I couldn’t have the cupcake my brother and sister got and the voice in my head said. I’m unlovable, that I don’t matter to other people, that I can trust no one, and that I’m never going to get the good stuff.”

Sandra also wants to remind you of the powerful beings we are and the potential to conquer our fear and challenges and to remember we are so much more than our physical body and to that end you wrote….

Sandra writes “ Have you ever awoken from a dream that seemed so real and like the nursery rhyme Row row row your boat Gently down the stream…Merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream thought… but what if when your body dies the new place you find yourself is so incredibly real that it makes your life on Earth seem like a dream and when you look back on your life (your boat) you got to see how well you rowed down the stream? Did you row gently and merrily, or did you go against the current and try to fight your way upstream: Let’s now get to the important aspect of you? What if you never die? Now I know the bodies die but what about the personality the mind the soul. The you who dreams, who loves, who creates, who loves to laugh …What if at the moment your heart stops beating, you simply open your eyes and find yourself in another place?

Sheryl tells Sandra she believes Sandra wrote this book because it was a life purpose that you chose to follow through on before you entered this life and like me writing my book “The Living Spirit” we were compelled to share the greatest truth and reality of life to help others begin to recognize their own potential for creating wonderful lives and miracles. One might call us the guides of the living as we are surrounded by the guides of Spirit who help us bring this message for awakening other souls as we have been awakened, to move past their obstacles and limited view of their physical lives to experience a greater reality and fulfill their own soul reasons for having chosen a physical life.

Sheryl, as a medium who receives impressions and information from that very place, Sandra writes about and who has interviewed people like Dr. Eben Alexander who wrote Proof of Heaven after his challenging near death experience and Dr Raymond Moody author of Life After Life who has studied thousands of near death experiences and documented the experience that all survivors of these NDE’s relate. They tell of a e place of beauty and light and infinite love and that they were forever changed: no longer fear death but loved life more and are compelled as are you and I to share this message of hope that we are all interconnected to Divine Energy and Eternal Life and that a physical life gives us the opportunity to remember our soul nature and reconnect to each other and Universal Source improving our relationships and developing greater compassion and love.

Sandra discusses Tom and Lisa Butler authors of Electronic Voice Phenomena and how Thomas Edison when he devised his recorder in the 1800’s hoped to hear a voice from beyond. You mention Doreen Virtue and the Medium Mentorship program she was part of and some of the experiences where she was able to accurately give information to others in the group not merely from her imagination but from the energy of spiritual beings who helped her know this information. Doreen Virtue also assured her students that they would be able to see deceased people around others. You also mention Remote Viewing which is perception in the inner vision of what is happening in the outside world which is part of picking up information of past or future events.

As a Reiki energy practitioner and also having studied hypnotherapy reflexology and meditation during a healing session the client is very relaxed and able to reach a connection with their own higher state or inner being to become aware on new realities and create necessary changes and or new perceptions to make life more extraordinary.

Sandra gives a quote from Socrates an ancient Greek philosopher who once wrote… “I am confident that there truly is such a thing as living again, that the living spring from the dead, and that the souls of the dead are in existence.” Sandra gives many quotes from noted personalities such as Ralph Waldo Emerson Benjamin Franklin Walt Whitman Carl Jung Henry David Thoreau JD Salinger and Henry Ford Raymond Moody and Elisabeth Kubler- Ross all who discovered the full eternal nature of a physical and spiritual life and the transformation to a higher plane beyond this time and place.

In Sandra’s book she addresses the topic of grief and offers ways to lessen the pain of grief by continuing to develop and expand our joy in life as we share with those in spirit our knowledge and growth and are connected to them by strands of love and energy . You might have energy healing sessions and also visit a reputable medium or find a healer and medium working as I do with both energies. You might find a spiritual teacher take up a new hobby be more in nature do charity work read listen to music and open your mind and heart to the possibilities for joy and happiness that you felt as a child. Continue to live and love yourself and others and express gratitude for those in spirit and in your life. Release separation and exclusion from others and seek a life of Unity and Oneness…A Visit to a Spiritualist Church where they believe that mediums can connect to higher energy and share messages might be an interesting prospect.

Sandra and Sheryl tell us that the purpose life serves if we don’t die is that a physical life gives us the opportunity to experience and refine emotions and to perhaps correct choices made that defined our relationships in prior times or places and can be improved by different actions and choices in this life. A physical life gives us the opportunity to develop greater love and compassion for Self others and the gift of life and to view the natural world animals plants and water bodies with appreciation and awe for the ever evolving grand plan of the Divine. What a gift this is if we can only remember that our soul and spirit lie within us and all the truths of the Universe are there also for us to discover once again and to know with certainty!

Christopher Coppes

Guest: Sandra Champlain