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Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – Are You Ready to Make Your Marriage Your Greatest Adventure?

Is your marriage what you want it to be?

When we talk about falling in love, getting married and building a marriage that will be happy and lasting we know for sure that Love is NOT enough.

We’re in a very exciting time in history. The paradigm for marriage that has been in place for over 65 years is shifting and changing. And there is an exciting conversation going on about what people want and how they co-create the life and the love-life that will be aligned for them; that will affirm and esteem their best and most brilliant passionate selves in the presence of each other.

My guest today is on the leading edge of this conversation. He is truly a visionary when it comes to marriage and relationships.

David Steele, the author of the new book, Radical Marriage, Your Relationship as Your Greatest Adventure, a licensed Marriage Family therapist, a pioneer in the field of relationship coaching and the founder of the Relationship Coaching Institute the first and largest international relationship coach training organization.

Join us as David and I talk about commitment, communication, intimacy and sex.