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Win Win Parenting

Dr. Rosina McAlpine

Win Win Parenting – The power of mindfulness for better parenting and calmer families

Do you have good intentions to stay calm with your children but find that before you know it you are annoyed or even angry and yelling at the children?
“HURRY UP! Get ready we’re running LATE AGAIN!”
“Don’t you speak to me with that DISRESPECTFUL TONE!”
“How MANY TIMES do I have to say the SAME THING? Will you EVER learn?”

Last week on the Win Win Parenting show Dr Rosina shared the S.E.E. Parenting approach so you can handle all parenting situations from toddler to teenager more calmly – with the three step process:


Today on the show, Dr Rosina focusses on how you can STOP, take a breath and respond rather than react to your children. Dr Craig Hassad is the special guest and an expert on incorporating mindfulness-based strategies into everyday life. Craig published 7 books including Mindfulness for Life and Mindful Learning.

There are many research studies on mindfulness. Here are just some of the many benefits mindfulness can offer you and your family. Mindfulness helps parents and children to:
· regulate emotions and communicate calmly and clearly
· decrease stress and promote better sleep
· improve learning and increase academic performance and
· enhance sporting ability.

If mindfulness sounds like something you’re interested in knowing more about, join me on the show and you’ll learn what mindfulness is, have an experience mindfulness on the show and understand how you can transform your family life using mindfulness as an everyday practice. This is not a show to miss if you’d like more peace in your home.
Dr Rosina also answers a selection of common parenting concerns each week on the show. Ask Dr Rosina your parenting questions at
For more on Dr Craig Hassad see his brief bio. To learn more about Dr Rosina’s practical approach to parenting see Win Win Parenting