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Stephanie Erickson

Caregivers’ Circle – Tips on Maximizing the Visit Time with Your Loved One’s Doctor

Do you find that when you’re driving home from a doctor’s visit you realize you forgot to mention your biggest concerns?   Do you become annoyed feeling like your loved one’s doctor doesn’t spend enough time with your loved one during the examination?  Do you ever wonder how you can communicate effectively with your loved one’s doctor without violating their privacy?  Dr. Jordan Grumet, internal medicine physician and author of the book “I Am Your Doctor and This Is My Humble Opinion,” offers insight into the systemic and logistical restraints that frame the care that a doctor can offer.  In addition, Dr. Grumet shares simple tips on how to maximize your office time with a doctor.

One way to increase the efficiency of visits is offered in FootprintID, the product featured on this week’s Resource Report.  Store all of your medical and health information in one location to provide easy and quick sharing of information with medical professionals.