Education and Family

Ready For College?

Dr. Bob Neuman and Jude Neuman

Ready for college? – From Hand-holder to Adviser: How Parents Should Relate to their Kids to get them Ready for College.

In the early years of childhood, parents act “very parental.” They “tell” their children how to act and how to behave. But from about middle-school on, the role of parents changes. Young teens don’t want to be “told” what to do. They are beginning to assert their independence. Now what?

Just as their children are changing, so must parents. What’s your new role? How do you help your child begin to “grow up”? Begin to handle that independence they want so badly? Begin to understand their new role in learning? How to take care of themselves?

Most parents don’t think of themselves as “academic” advisers when it comes to school and school work. But it’s the role that will prepare their kids for college. As advisers, parents can help their kids learn to —

  • problem-solve
  • see long-term
  • begin to understand growing up is about
  • manage things they find hard or don’t want to do
  • use their independence to handle themselves on their own and what that entrails

In short, parents begin to open the window to the adult world to explain what growing up means. In this program, we’ll show you what we mean.