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The Janet Love Show – Intuition and Non-Locality with Author Dianne Collins

The world is changing at a dizzying pace. We’re all looking for new ways of thinking that can bring about real solutions to modern problems, from the pursuit of inner serenity to solving world conflicts. Author, Dianne Collins brings us a fresh innovative look at intuition through the lens of her new book “Do You Quantum Think?  New Thinking That will Rock Your World”!
Part science, part philosophy part spirituality, Do  You Quantum Think? draws on a wide spectrum of sources, from cutting edge innovations in the sciences to the insights of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders. The topic for this show Intuition and Non-Locality is taken from a chapter in “Do You Quantum Think?” where Diane says, “Why would you want to have Intuition become a natural way of life? Intuition expands your capabilities to “think” beyond limits of the conceptual mind.”  Dianne shares 21 Principle’s which are Quantum Thinking principles of living life through a transforming mindset.
Take a moment of your busy life to shift the your world view by incorporating Dianne Collin’s revolutionary view on intuition in this show, Do You Quantum Think? it will change the way you think about everything!