Love and Relationships

Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – Let Your Struggles Catapult You to Your Greatness

Have you ever wondered why something is happening to you?  Have you ever said:  Why me? Why this? Why now?

  • Do you believe that YOU create everything that you have -or don’t have in your life?
  • Are you actively being the architect of your life and creating what you want and if you don’t like what you have created you create something different?
  • Do you operate from a place of taking personal responsibility for what you have in your life?

The tools we have for living life this way and finding meaning and purpose are:

  • Self Awareness
  • Being Present
  • Showing up and being engaged, involved and invested

Today we’re going to focus on self-awareness with my guest for this episode, Vladimire Calixte, a licensed therapist and the author of Naked and Transparent: Six Vital Tools for Knowing Yourself and Attracting Healthy Relationships.

I think there will be something new and interesting for you today!