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The Janet Love Show – A Quantum Healthcare Model with Dr. Paul Drouin

According to Dr. Paul Drouin, Founder and President of the Quantum University, the world’s first integrated medicine and energy medicine accredited university training doctors, nurses and practitioners around the world for an all inclusive model of health in a  Quantum Healthcare Model!
It’s now time to redefine a form of medicine based on the new scientific model of understanding of the universe according to quantum physics – a creative integrative medicine. Doing so will be the key to solving the current health-care crisis, and it will lead to a new vision of integrative healthcare based not on disease but on the full potential of the individual. Our understanding of the human body will expand to include the body’s subtle energy systems and the mental and emotional connections to the physical body.
How the mind works can be explored from a non dualistic viewpoint, compared to the dualistic philosophy used today. It will open the door to creative new approaches to healing that have the opportunity to solve problems still unresolved by conventional medicine, specifically in the areas of chronic and degenerative diseases.
Dr. Drouin shares in this show the healthcare that is available now, not just a future hope but a medical paradigm that is already operating and has the ability to change people’s health from the inside out!  Dr. Paul Drouin is the author of Creative Integrative Medicine: A Medical Doctor’s Journey Toward a New Vision for Health Care. You can purchase his new book on Amazon and on his website, be sure to read an exciting perspective on our health from Dr. Drouin that is shared by many leaders in the field of healthcare reform!
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