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Awakening Paradigms

Joel Ayala Ayapana and Irvin "Skipp" Young

Awakening Paradigms – The Power of Energy Healing Therapy and Integrative Medicine: The Evolution of True Healing through Heightening Consciousness with Special Guest Mari Shintani (Part Two)

On the next episode of this two-part mini-series on Awakening Paradigms, we will be joined once more, in continuation from the last broadcast, by the inspiring and heart-felt – Mari Shintani – Healer, Expert on Craniosacral Therapy, and one of the inspiring health coordinators from the Heaven and Earth Oasis Treatment Center – a lucrative and inviting alternative healthcare facility in Los Angeles, California that provides an integration of variable energy work therapies and Integrative Medicine towards the Veteran Population of focus suffering from PTSD, Social Phobia, Severe Anxiety, and debilitating Depression.

GUEST: Mari Shintani
WEBSITE #1: www.heavenandearthoasis.org
WEBSITE #2: www.newstartspark.com
TREATMENT CENTER: Heaven and Earth Oasis Treatment Center

ARTIST: Metastaz
ALBUM: Orient Dub Express