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Be Your Best! Reduce Your Stress

Ben Bernstein, PhD

Be Your Best! Reduce Your Stress – Sports and Stress

When you think about sports, the word “stress” immediately jumps to mind. Whether you’re playing on the football field, the basketball court, in the swimming pool, at the track, or on the baseball diamond  you’re going to experience stress. The pressure to perform well, the desire to be your best, the need to win, having all those eyes looking at you, judging you, cheering or booing you — it all amounts to a lot of stress.  Whether your playing little league baseball or are on the Olympic soccer team, stress is an integral part of your picture.

How do athletes experience stress and how do they reduce it?  These are the questions in this episode for our guest, Dr. Alison Rhodius, a sport psychology specialist and  Chair of the Department of Sport Psychology at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasanton, California. She trains elite — Olympic — athletes all over the world. including working at the Olympic Games themselves. Her online presence is a novel podcast called “Wee Chats with Brilliant People,” where she talks with successful people across a whole range of disciplines and work situations about how they achieve their success.
Join us in this episode to learn about how stress affects athletes —from the little leagues to the major leagues—and gain insight and tips that they use that can be helpful for you to reduce the stress in your life. As a performance coach who works with athletes Dr. Ben Bernstein, the host, knows that the way athletes do their best is by knowing how to reduce their stress. Visit Dr. B’s website for more information.