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Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – How Do You Tell Your Children About Your Divorce?

Having to tell your kids that your marriage is over and their lives will be changing is a conversation most of us dread, put off and lose sleep over. Do it well and in years to come they may not remember the details. Do it badly and they’ll likely remember it for the rest of their lives. So how do you tell your children about your divorce?
Psychologist Dr. Azmaira Maker joins Mandy Walker for this episode to discuss:
  • The best time for this conversation
  • What needs to be said and what’s best left unsaid
  • Why you might consider not using the word “divorce”
  • How to support your child after they know
  • What reactions you can expect from your child
Dr. Azmaira Maker is the author of the newly published children’s book Family Changes: Explaining Divorce To Children. Featuring a colorful cast of fuzzy characters, Family Changes is aimed at children aged four through eight, helping them better identify, process and understand their own feelings, concerns and questions about divorce.
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