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Getting a Grip on Time: Do More With Less!

Robyn Pearce

Getting a Grip on Time: Do More With Less! – The inside scoop: How the most successful leaders lead great businesses and still have a life

Brenda Bence, for many years a senior executive in Fortune 100 companies, is today an international executive coach.  From her office in Singapore she shares some of the top time-saving tips of the most successful senior executives she’s worked with around the world.

Do you or someone near to you suffer from any of the following?

  • Frustration from not getting the results you feel you deserve
  • You work crazy hours, endeavoringto keep up with the sheer volume of work – but never seem to catch up
  • Your family complains that you’re working too hard
  • You sense that time is wasted but it’s very difficult to track where and why
  • Meetings and email rule your life

If so, you’ll be delighted with the practical ideas Brenda suggests.

She also shares many pearls of wisdom, including:

  • The guiding principle from her old boss John Pepper (at the time CEO of Proctor & Gamble that changed her life and many others
  • How to engage your people and together achieve great results