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Ready For College?

Dr. Bob Neuman and Jude Neuman

Ready For College? – Adjusting to that First Year in College: Insights of a Freshmen

Meet Jess. She just finished her first year at a large university. She wanted a large university, and she loves it. She also talks about what she’s learned in the life of a freshman.

  • Adapting to the new routine
  • Signing up for courses and going through orientation
  • Her stressful first semester and how it shaped her second semester.
  • Ways she found friends —very different friends from high school.
  • Using the daily planner given to her at orientation.
  • The importance of sticking with a course syllabus — on her own.
  • It’s not just reading. It’s lots more.
  • Studying everything for a test.
  • What she’s learned about taking care of herself.
  • Jess hopes to be accepted into a major next year, but first she has to qualify. She’ll know in a few weeks

Listen to Jess’s comments. This is one student’s journey through freshmen year. Others can learn from her.