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Dr. Rosina McAlpine

Win Win Parenting – Navigating the Parent – Grandparent Relationship: the Good, the Bad and the Challenging

The parent – grandparent relationship is so important and offers wonderful benefits for everyone when it’s working well. In an ideal world, parents would respect their own parents, value their support and appreciate the important role they play as grandparents. In that same ideal world, grandparents would be loving and helpful parents to their grown children and caring and thoughtful grandparents to their grandchildren…BUT…not everyone lives in that ‘ideal’ world.

Sure, some parents, grandparents and grandchildren simply get on and life is beautiful! Others, however, are far from this ideal and have unspoken challenges, outspoken criticisms and complaints and experience anger or heartbreak on a regular basis. In this episode, Dr Rosina parenting expert, and Dr Robyn Mills grandparent, psychologist and inspirational speaker explore the in’s and out’s of navigating the parent – grandparent relationship. We won’t shy away from discussing the good and the challenging parts – in a light hearted way of course.

So, as a parent if you feel like you are being judged, criticised and have a constant stream of unsolicited advice coming your way from your parents or in-laws …well you’re not alone. This is a common issue and in this show we’ll offer many ideas about how you might manage that challenge in a way that keeps your sanity and your family in tact!

As a grandparent perhaps you feel like you’re being left out or even disrespected when none of your wonderful experience or advice is being listened too. Perhaps you find that the way your children raise their kids is totally different to how you raised them and this is worrisome for you. Well, if you’d like some down to earth, practical advice for navigating the parenting – grand parenting roles then you’ll enjoy this show.

Listen in to learn how to create a Win Win for you, your parents, and your children, by navigating the tricky road of the parent – grandparent relationship!

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