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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – Bullying: Prevention, Awareness, and How Parents Can Help

One-third of all kids say they’ve been bullied, 30% admit to being the bully at one point or another, and 15% of high school students say they’ve been cyber-bullied in the past year. Has bullying become an epidemic in our day? If so, how do we raise awareness of bullying, prevent it, and help those who are already stuck in its grips—bullies and victims alike? On today’s important show I’m talking with Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead, creator of The Bucket Filling Play and The Bucket Filling Song, both of which are part of a creative new program for effective bullying prevention. We’ll also discuss what you, as parents, can do in the home to help your own children—to start young, teach kindness, and help them learn the value of “filling other’s buckets.” Then, visit my blog, for more on “Kids & Bullying: Prevention, Awareness, & How Parents Can Help.