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The Roots of Health

Meredith Rhodes Carson

The Roots of Health – How To Get Healthy Without Being A Jerk

*This show is more about not driving your family away when you decide to change your dietary choices… but it will equally apply to your friends… carry on.

Hi, I’m Meredith, and I was once a jerk – disguised as a health coach.

I understand this is a common problem – where one-half of a couple is motivated by some health issue to make a positive change, and the other half of the couple really likes the status quo.  Even more – if you throw kids into the mix – and the motivated party suddenly wants health for the entire family… you have a recipe for rebellion.

What can you do? How to you go about getting healthy without being a jerk? ;)

This show is full of lessons learned from my very own story – complete with snippits straight from my kids.  I offer a handful of suggestions for you to own your own health story and be a positive role model at home – without making your family feel like they are being dragged in against their will.

You’re not a jerk… I know you – you’re my kind of people. You’ve got this.