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Win Win Parenting

Dr. Rosina McAlpine

Win Win Parenting – Understanding Your Baby’s Body Language and Communicating from Day One! What?!

Seriously! This is not science fiction. If you want to learn how to understand your baby and meet his needs before he cries then listen to this show! It’s revolutionary.

Your baby is crying and all you want to do is to stop her tears and bring her beautiful smile back! Every parent of a newborn has at some time, and for many new parents right throughout those early weeks and months, wished they knew what their baby’s cries were about to soothe them. However, usually it’s a guessing game and simply trial and error which goes goes something like this…the baby is crying and you’re not sure why. Is she hungry? OK you try to feed her … no? OK is he wet? So you check the diaper but it’s clean. Is she tired? Hmm… rock her, but to no avail. Running out of ideas. Well, is she in pain? What to do about that? … and then you start all over again or if you are lucky pass her on to someone else to keep guessing.

Well guess no more! Today’s guest has cracked the baby communication code. Vivien Sabel is a mother, relational psychotherapist and author of The Blossom Method™- The Revolutionary Way to Communicate with Your Baby from Birth.

In this show you’ll learn how to create a Win Win for you and your baby. The Blossom Method helps parents recognise their baby’s hunger, tiredness and discomfort all before your baby reaches the crying stage. It’s all about knowing what to look for. Vivien will help you to observe patterns in your baby’s tongue movements, facial expressions and body language so you’ll be able to understand, connect with and communicate back and then fulfil your baby’s needs.

Helpful hint – you’ll even learn how to know when your baby is just about to fill her diaper so you can pass her to a loving grandma or anyone else nearby to take care of! If you have a baby, learn more about Vivien Sabel and theBlossom Method.

For toddlers to teens, learn more about Dr Rosina’s practical Win Win Parenting approach.