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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Our Perceptions Create Our Reality

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.

Special Guest: Penny Peirce

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick Healer/Medium and author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares an understanding of Universal Energy and the power of thought and action to be used to manifest a healthy life experience also offers ways to utilize our intuitive inner sense of knowing to create positive perceptions for a positive reality. Sheryl welcomes Penny Peirce author of Leap of Perception an intuitive guide going further into her view of the invisible and visible domains to offer practical ways to cultivate new and evolved human abilities that we all possess.

Penney gives us keys to the kingdom of dreams and how to use perception to navigate today’s accelerating evolution. Her view that there is no limit to all there is to perceive which like the Universe is vast and limitless and through the expansion of consciousness we tap into our true human and spiritual potential for a creative prosperous joyful and purposeful life experience. Penney Peirce is a gifted intuitive empath and pioneer in the field of intuition development and conscious transformation. Pierce is known for her common sense approach to spirituality and the development of expanded human capacities. She is coach to business executives, government leaders, scientists, psychologists and those on a path to higher consciousness or enlightenment. She is the author of six books including The Intuitive Way, and Frequency.

Penny wrote “It became apparent to me that I was not just helping people open intuition and improve their lives—we were all undergoing a profound transformation of consciousness. My colleagues, friends and clients were experiencing this intensified psychological and spiritual growth. It addressed the new energy reality and how everything and everyone has a particular frequency of energy and how we can work with our vibration to improve life and smooth our transformation.”

Penney writes that sometimes you see and hear certain words and they stand out in books and conversations as though highlighted in bright yellow. For the past few years the words attention and perception were everywhere… this is intuition I believe at work. The conveyance of our inner feelings and vision of things that are intuitively part of our development and life plan or an inner knowing….

Sheryl remarks to Penney that she is reminded of the beginning of her personal awakening process or moving towards a new perception and reality through the practice of Reiki energy healing and also through receiving messages while in meditation for clients. The words time and space and the 4 elements- fire air water and earth felt the same way for her as they were constantly appearing and reappearing to her. Later on the words that kept appearing were “Pay Attention Allow Accept and surrender” Sheryl became more of an observer and loosened her need to control the unfolding of events…actually learning to detach and be less in the material aspects of life and more in the flow of energy thoughts and actions using the laws of Universal Energy. This was quite a transition and transformation and it didn’t happen all at once. It seems to be a continuous evolution as we are beings of change and affecting change in the physical and spiritual realms as we grow and mature.

Penney wrote… “The acceleration of energy in the world was after all causing us to become ultrasensitive and often overwhelmed by information, negativity, and the sheer stimulation of life. As I contemplated the topic of empathy I saw that it related to the transformational shift we were all making. Our increased sensitivity to energy was allowing us to pick up energy information-insights contained in the very vibrations we received from people, situations, and even events at a distance—with our budding empathic ability. What we needed now were the heightened intuitive skills to decode this preverbal, non-rational data.”

Penney mentions that poet David Whyte said… “Attention is a live connection to the world. And this live connection keeps intuition open and reveals unity and the flow—all important in the transformation of consciousness..”

Vision quests ARE A TOOL where the attention is focused on something or place or person or idea allowing us to merge with it and know the world from that point of view as if we were each other, which we are. A vision quest are experiences of using attention and perception to aid transformation (ex-focus on a flower or any life form an animal etc.)

Penney tells us about the Coalition of Visionary Resources and what people are involved in this project. The Coalition of Visionary Resources was formed in 1996 as a non-profit trade organization that helps facilitate and support business in the Mind/Body/Spirit industry. It exists to assist independent retailers, authors, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and publishers of visionary books, music and merchandise. COVR also welcomes conscious based individuals or companies who demonstrate an active interest in Mind/Body/Spirit markets such as artists, authors musicians, and speakers.

Penney writes, “ To achieve transformation you first have to make a profound shift in the way you know things. How you make your world real to yourself must undergo deep revision. You can’t just keep processing data the way you are doing now. With an almost desperate need for speed. You need a new methodology that lets you naturally and effortlessly jump into expanded perception. This transformational shift or leap of perception requires new pathways through your brain, new habits of sensing and knowing and seeing that your brain actually includes your heart, body, cells and even the field of energy around you. You have a greater sensing apparatus and if you can’t figure out how to rewire your brain and access the many new pathways in your non-localized brain centers not to worry. The acceleration process is taking you there revealing the insights one by one. Transformation is a process composed of a series of shifts.

Penney described how it becomes eventually possible to be comfortable living both in the physical and non-physical world rocking back and forth between them and beginning to know they are simultaneously affecting each other. Experiencing this merger of the inner and outer is the next important step in the transformation process and you give an example…You might instantly feel how a sarcastic comment you make about a friend or an insensitive action which makes her feel unimportant might shut her down emotionally. Your physical action creates a non-physical effect that has ripples both you and your friend feel worse than you did before and that contracted inner state inhibits full self-expression in the outer world. The inner inhibition continues until one of you says something in the physical world, then instantly the inner state changes…energy flows again and expanded self-expression resumes in both of you. Being permanently rooted in the center of the present moment is yet another import ant part of the transformation process….There is no more separation…the past and future are in the present moment which causes you to experience a natural change in the geometry of your perception. You see that the old linear perception limited to timelines, cause and effect processes and lines of thought doesn’t function anymore and you begin to experience life as a ball or sphere surrounding you equally in all directions.

Penney has fantastic quotes at the beginning of each chapter. In the chapter on Acceleration and Transformation. You give a quote by Barbara Hand Clow.“The global recovery of archaic memories is causing a mind- bending spiritual crisis that is reaching its apotheosis due to time acceleration. It is important to realize that time acceleration is causing old ways to end, not our planet. Of course many people may still cling to old ways.”

Penney tells the story of visiting her ninety year old parents who had just lost some friends and how you woke up sat on your bed and realized that as you inhaled the room disappeared and you were present in the center of your reality but was like a ball of light floating in space nothing below and space itself supported you spherically from all directions…upon exhalation the room came back and you thought maybe this is what it is like to die… you just blink out of the form of reality and come to in the light and energy reality. You see yourself differently but still know your core essence or Soul. This experience is the proof of the intimate connection between the physical and non-physical world—the inner and outer reality. We span both realities and are alive in both.

Sheryl tells the story of undergoing a deep meditation process years ago while in a group of 12 highly evolved healers and mediums and was asked by her teacher to ask a question during the meditation. Sheryl’s question was “What is going to happen in 2012? Everyone at the time was so worried about the changes suggested by the Mayan ancient prophesy.. While in the meditative state, I felt myself as a single round atom suspended in the Universe or darkness of space- knew myself but without the body- and the answer to my question appeared to be that the change we will experience as we move forward into the Age of Higher Thought and Intuition will allow us to know ourselves as spiritual and energetic beings at our core and the possibility to travel through multi-dimensional worlds as we evolve and free ourselves of the limits of the human condition.

Penney wrote in her dedication to her book the following, and Sheryl found it to be so reflective of the creative evolutionary pulse of today’s changing focus on life. “This book is dedicated to the misfits, rebels, and rabble –rousers, to those who feel they were born at the wrong time, or in the wrong family, who use their differentness to do good: to the poets, artists, dreamers, mediums, and mystics, to the inventors, innovators, and change agents, to the leaders of integrity in all fields, to the teachers of every ilk: especially to the spiritual teachers who have come again and again to patiently reframe the wisdom lessons for each new time. I thank you for courageously carving a path for us today.”

Carlos Castaneda shaman and philosopher once wrote, “ We are perceivers. We are awareness, we are not objects, we have no solidity. We are boundless. The world of objects and solidity is only a description that was created to help us. We, or rather our reason, forget that the description is only a description and thus we trap the totality of ourselves in a vicious circle from which we rarely emerge in our lifetime.”

Penney and Sheryl would have you remember that consciousness and energy are the stuff that dreams and life are made of and immediately and continually affect us. As our frequency or higher vibration increases through eliminating emotions that harm or restrict this unbounded Universal Intelligence or Source that we are all connected to, we will be able to perceive more aspects of Self eventually feeling the inner non-physical world of sensation and emotion of our thoughts and actions and being able to truly remember and know the world of Spirit… that non-local dimension which merges and creates seamlessly with the outer physical world moving us forward into a new understanding of Life and this shift we call Transformation.

Allow yourself to be quiet and to feel more with your heart or inner essence and judge or think less as you find your way into the future incorporating the higher values of Spirit, peace harmony balance love and compassion as these energies and processes become all of who you leaving you in a state of Oneness with all of Life…this is where we are all headed as we continue to evolve and grow as both human and spiritual beings. A life path worthy of divine introspection.