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Dr. Rosina McAlpine

Win Win Parenting – Finding More Time at Work, at Home and With the Kids

Do you feel like you’re always on the go with never enough time to get things done? And are you, like so many women and men, chasing that elusive work-life balance utopia that we’re all seeking to achieve?

What would work-life balance mean for you? Would it mean more time for fun, some time out to relax and recover, more time with the family or more time at work?  What are you really looking for when we you say you want more work-life balance?  To help you answer all of these questions, join Dr Rosina as she interviews Mitzi Weinman, creator of Time Finder and author of It’s About Time!: Transforming Chaos into Calm A to Z.

In this show you’ll learn so many valuable tips on:

  • saving time and being more efficient at work including planning with a difference and delegating;
  • how to reclaim time at home so you have more hours with the kids and time to relax; as well as
  • teaching the kids valuable life skills like helping around the house and how to plan and execute their  school projects on time so it’s not a stressful, last minute rush the night before!

If you’re looking for ways to reduce stress of being too busy, find more quality time with your family and friends, time to do volunteer work, take time out to relax, or to take that creative class you’ve been wanting to but just can’t find the time for, then this is the show for you!

Learn more about Mitzi Weinman’s programs at Time Finder where you can also enjoy great time saving tips on her blog.

For help raising well-rounded and capable kids from toddlers to teens, get great tips, resources and support using Dr Rosina’s practical Win Win Parenting approach.