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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – The Mind is a Healing Tool

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.

Special Guest: Max Corradi

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host, Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, welcomes Max Corradi, author of The Seven Laws of Reality. Max will share certain ways to discover how the mind is a powerful healing tool and other ways to cure yourself without side effects and with two different healing approaches using the mind and natural medicine. Max Corradi is a Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Practitioner (CAM) living and working in London and a member of the British Register of Complimentary Practitioner (BRCP) He has graduated with honors in homeopathy and homotoxicology and has obtained A Specialist Diploma in Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM) at the International Academy of Physiological Regulating Medicine.

The Seven Laws of Reality can be regarded as the essential principles of all the Western and Eastern spiritual and non-spiritual wisdom traditions and are basically about Reality and Being and how this awareness can change one’s life conditions and circumstances.

Max’s book draws many parallelism with different traditions and teachings in order to show different conceptual paths to the one and only non-conceptual experience of Reality. Hermes Trimegistus, the 3 times greatest Hermes from which the word Hermetic was derived was the Greek God of personification of Wisdom equivalent to the ancient Egyptian God Thoth, and the Buddhist manifestation of Wisdom Manjushri. Some authorities regard Hermes as a contemporary of Abraham and claim that Abraham acquired a portion of mystical knowledge from Hermes himself. In the history of humanity on earth true Hermetic knowledge has been transmitted all the way through the ages, sometimes secretly and also by ordinary lay people involved in arts, literature politics and science…Examples are Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo, Dante, Issac Newton, William Shakespeare, William Blake, and Albert Einstein to name only a few. In the East there have been many spiritual adepts or Teachers from the Buddhist, Hindu and the other spiritual traditions of knowledge that have realized the Truth of Mind and its Principles.

The Hermetic tradition in particular speaks of the seven Hermetic Principles, seven laws which govern Reality and Being.


The Principle of Mind is the first one described. The All is MIND: The Universe is Mental….The first Hermetic Principle says that everything from the whole material universe, its energy, the phenomena of life and all the different sentient beings contained therein are nothing more than Mind, Pure Being, all-encompassing awareness. The Universe including sentient beings is manifested in and infinite and by uncompounded Mind and since the Creator and its Creations are of the same nature, sentient beings are of the same nature as all pervasive Mind. Each dynamic individual being is the center and the totality of the infinite universe revolving around him and as far as space extends there is the Infinite Principle of Being and an infinite number of beings to fill this vast expanse of Mind.


Max writes, “If the Universe is in essence a manifestation of all pervasive Mind and made up of Mind stuff then Mind must have the highest power over its phenomena…One is always the center of this infinite play of reality and therefore has the power by directing his own intentions thoughts and emotional energy to control or shape all things contained….the character of this Universal Mind Power is Goodness always towards greater love wisdom and liberty therefore only the person working against this natural law can create strife in the world as the law does not change only a person’s inability to know the law. The most accurate translation of the name of God would simply be Being or the One who is… and in a nut shell is the selfless and timeless Presence of The One who is an individualized essence of mirror-like Awareness of Pure Being beyond subject and object or gender residing at the heart of each manifested sentient being whether it be a god, human, animal spirit, angel or demon.. Evil or the devil is only the symbol of sentient beings dualistic limitation due to not knowing their identity with God and all negative intentions and actions that sprout because of that limitation, …in a nutshell the devil is conceptual limitation. And lack of understanding your energetic or soul essence and Oneness with the Truth and the principle of Mind This is why without some degree of understanding of this first principle, all the methods explained later on will work only to a certain degree.


According to Sri Ramana Maharshi, the term ‘God’ or ‘Self’ or ‘Brahman’ used in the Hindu tradition are synonyms for Reality which is discovered by Self-Realization. Therefore realization of the Self is realization of God, but it is not an experience of God, rather it is an understanding that oneself is indivisible from God.


God can be summarized in three main points:


  • God is imminent and formless, pure or essential Being and pure consciousness.
  • Manifestations appear in God and through God’s power, but God is not its creator. God never acts intentionally as God, has neither an ego, a will nor a desire to act; God just is as it is.
  • God’s Individuality is the illusion that we are not identical with God; when the illusion is dispelled, what remains is God.


The nature of the source of Pure Being which is manifesting and reflecting, therefore one can use mind or consciousness (emotions, passions, or any type of experienced phenomena) to discover one’s Nature of Mind of Pure Being. To summarize, Mind is the source of all phenomena and reality, it is the potentiality of all events, meanings and circumstances and it is beyond all dualistic apprehensions of subjects and object


Another important law of the seven laws of reality is “The Law of Cause and Effect.” In the subconscious mind are stored all our beliefs about reality and all the habitual tendencies which manifests as intuitions, tendencies to feel joy and sorrow and to react in a certain way to any given event; basically all aspects of our waking and dream life. The subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. It responds automatically through the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Vibration with instincts and habits which are manifested into our waking life. The subconscious mind does not process negatives, or rejections, and for this reason when we learn how to use affirmations, statements and creative visualizations we will see how important it is to always use them.

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause;

everything happens according to Law; chance is but a name for the Law not recognized;

there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”

The Kybalion


Law, not fate is the axiom of the Hermetic tradition. In general people have two kinds of beliefs, either they believe that their life is ruled or guided by an external supreme and all-knowing being which they call God, able to intervene and shape the affairs of the world or they believe that life is just chance, fate, good luck or bad fortune and that the universe is in a state of chaos or chaotic chance. Beginning to know Universal Laws of Reality may offer you the information necessary to clarify which belief system is more accurate.


Several other of the Seven Laws of Reality are the Principle of Vibration or Sound, The Principle of Correspondence, The Principle of Polarity or (Opposites), The Principle of Gender, and The Principle of Rhythm or (Cyclicity),

The Principle of Polarity or Law of Opposites states that the play of Reality manifests always two sides, or two poles and the difference between these two seemingly diametrically opposed poles is merely a matter of degree. For example the spiritual and the physical planes are in reality the different poles of the same thing: the play of the Expanse of Pure Being. Since all is in motion, and all motion is the appearance of energy at another point, wherever the new form reappears, the manifested energy is still the same but at a different degree of vibration.


The Principles of Polarity and Gender in the Bible book of Genesis implies:


“You will not certainly die” the serpent said to the woman. “For God

knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you

will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Genesis 3:4-6 (NIV)


Sheryl feels this quote implies that God or the Universe is within you and so is the knowledge and wisdom that Spirit hopes we will individually find as a result of living a physical life which offers us a way to rediscover our most divine memories and connections. All is possible when we move past judgment blame and limited belief systems that separate us from the Oneness of Mind.


Understanding that The Bible is an Hermetic book of symbols, where the inner and secret meaning is always hidden within symbols sometimes difficult to unravel makes it easier to see that it cannot be taken literally but mainly as a tool among other tools for understanding history and human development perceived by generations of various cultures and religions and can be a view of past writers and thinkers who saw God in their time and place and hoped to formulate an individual personal dialogue with Spirit God or the Universe rather than simply to follow the rules of primitive and disperse versions or embellished and altered stories.

In response to that last statement Max states that reality, the Universe, God events and circumstance are Mind, all beings are Mind and Mind is Reality an all pervading mirror like lucid Awareness of Pure Being. Reality Mind and individual Beings are non-dual. Sentient Beings are at the same time individual and indivisible from each other and the totality of Pure Being, the nature of Reality. Since this is so, you as an all pervading lucid Awareness unconsciously or unknowingly, think talk and act everything into being in your field of experience which is your life…Once this is understood and above all realized you can consciously and intentionally think talk and act everything which serves you and others into being into the field of experience of your life. Eventually by realizing that you are Mind, Reality, an all pervading mirror-like lucid Awareness as an ongoing uninterrupted experience, you will know the Truth that sets you free from illusion-like birth and death, suffering and frustration.


Max gives the following quote in his book , and Sheryl has often said this to her clients not knowing it was a quote at all…. “Reality, life, existence is like a play or a game, but if you don’t know the rules it can and does easily turn into the worst nightmare.”


In Sheryl’s book, The Living Spirit, she shares through stories miracles and a view of Universal Energy the all-pervasive effects for a more balanced and rewarding life that can be achieved when we work in alignment to the wisdom of our inner soul being. When we understand the game of life and the nature of our being and connection to Universal Mind, Source or Energy we begin to remember who we are where we come from and where we ultimately return… Sheryl wrote,” Human suffering whether physical emotional or spiritual is a separation from love, honor, courage, and freedom that every soul holds within them. I would hope we would seek the more humane and divine aspects of ourselves, and then move away from all fear and suffering to love. But still until that is accomplished suffering exists and it is only with greater love that we may conquer it.” So we may begin to see how important are the rules of our spiritual and physical lives so we know who we are as divine beings and understand that the Mind and Physical life are not indivisible from each other. Knowing that truism is the first awareness of playing the game of life. In order to learn the rules of life for greater efficacy we must be encouraged to develop greater intuition, a greater view of spiritual communication and energy healing and develop a brave new mindset.


The Seven Hermetic Laws of Reality are not exclusive of each other, in the same way as the law of gravity is not exclusive of the law of lift on the physical plane but work in synergy to shape the minds and phenomena of infinite sentient beings and their environment….we can use the laws of nature but we cannot alter it….we can use the law of gravity and lift and fly in an airplane but if we jumped off a cliff, gravity would pull us down and we would injure ourselves or die….Therefore by opposing any natural law we put ourselves in an inverted position to the law itself caused by us and our ignorance of the law…this is the reason why in theistic religions one often finds the concept of Gods punishment where the real meaning behind it is only one’s ignorance in regard to these unchangeable laws of Reality.


Max and Sheryl have discussed many of the Universal Laws of Energy in a way to understand our true potential and connection to all of life the Universe and the dynamic evolution of both theory and fact to explain how we might begin to embrace a greater view of humanity spiritual energy and healing on a multi-dimensional level of the Mind in order to achieve new life conditions and fulfillment. As Max and Sheryl suggest it is only possible to live in truth if one moves beyond beliefs illusions and or ignorance to a greater Reality and Oneness of Purpose.


Max wrote….”Each separate individual being is capable of producing an individually limited reality which unfolds according to precise and unchangeable Laws. This individual limited reality is then shared with other beings with a similar conditioned, limited or ‘periscopic’ mindset through these same Laws. From infinite timeless, self-less and all-pervading Pure Being one ends up as a sentient being imprisoned by all dualities, dualistic concepts and with dualistic intentions and aims with all their infinite consequences. From timeless all-pervading Awareness one ends up as the dimmed awareness of dualistic consciousness.


In her new book The Living Spirit Sheryl shares her experiences as an intuitive healer medium who lives with one foot in the physical world and one in the world of Infinite Energy beyond time and space and in the Mind of the eternal unfolding world of creation. Sheryl echoes Max’s thought in what she wrote.. “Open Your Heart…Spiritual Evolution requires us to let go of past disappointments and reopen our hearts and minds to the truth of who we are. We must accept ourselves with all our talents and limitations and then recognize what people or events can assist us in getting past any restriction. In other words, who or what is it that will make your Heart sing?”


Max and Sheryl would hope for those seekers who wish to begin or improve their journey of self-awareness and self-investigation and to ultimately find the way for moving forward into a clearer and more accurate awareness of life: to live within the eternal Universe of peace harmony and an endless flow of love and joy for the gift of life.