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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – The Tell-tale Signs Of Bad Cosmetic Surgery: Dr Lycka & Dr Weintraub

Bad Cosmetic Surgery – how many times do we see celebrities splashed across the media because they have had plastic or cosmetic surgery and it went wrong? And we just can’t understand how they end up looking so bad when they have all the money they need and they can afford to go to the best surgeons in the world. What goes wrong and how can we avoid looking so bad after our cosmetic procedures? Well to answer these questions and to give advice on how to get great cosmetic surgery, this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today your host Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka talks with Dr Barry Weintraub, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from New York City. The two doctors talk about different body areas, starting with the nose, and the things to think about when you are considering having cosmetic procedures and researching them and looking for suitable doctors. Great cosmetic surgery looks so natural that no one would ever know that the person has had surgery – and that’s the result we are looking for.

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