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Money Uncensored

Lynn Torre, CFP

Money Uncensored – Money Redefined

Sometimes when you change your perspective on something, everything changes.   As people finally embraced the truth that the world was round instead of flat, EVERYTHING changed. Ship captains no longer feared sailing off the edge of the ocean. Trade possibilities opened up between countries across the seas.   And of course, Christopher Columbus set out to find the Indies, but instead discovered America.Inventors and adventurers live in this place of new and different ideas. Wright Brothers truly believed that people would one day soar through the air in a flying machine. When you are open to new ideas and concepts, so much can change in your life. This includes being open to new and different ways of looking at money.

I invite you to be open to new perspectives about money. It just might change the way you think about money. Then the possibilities may be endless.

Here is a question to ponder: Why is money called currency?