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Win Win Parenting – Your Child’s Early Brain Development: the Do’s and Don’ts

Your child’s brain development in those early years provides the foundation for their whole life. Nurturing your child’s brain will help them to learn, retain and use information and skills including managing their behaviour and emotions. Yet many parents don’t understand how they sometimes positively and sometimes negatively affect their child’s brain development.

Wouldn’t understanding main factors that support or hinder early brain development provide you with the confidence to know you can do what’s best for your child? Imagine the wonderful feeling you’d get knowing you’re creating the kind of home environment that helps your child to reach his or her full potential.

Today I have Deborah McNellis as my guest. She’s the creator of Brain Insights Online where you can find fabulous information, as well as her educational resources, which makes it easy for parents to support their child’s brain development from baby to 6 years old.

In this show you’ll learn so much valuable information about your child’s brain development including:

  • The do’s and the don’ts for supporting your child’s brain development
  • How to develop a strong and loving bond with your child
  • Why your relationship with your child impacts their brain development and self -esteem
  • Understanding what your child needs and wants from you as a parent
  • How you can educate and entertain your child in simple but effective ways during your busy day
  • The many ways you can support your child’s brain development from baby to age 6.

What could be more reassuring for any parent, than to have heart-warming and scientifically-based knowledge, understanding and resources to help their child grow into a capable, confident and happy person? This is real peace of mind!

Learn more about Deborah McNellis and her brain insights programs and resources at Brain Insights Online where you can also enjoy great information on her blog.

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