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Joel Ayala Ayapana and Irvin "Skipp" Young

Awakening Paradigms – The Awakening: The Heightening of Global Consciousness with Special Guest Chauncey Wyatt

On the next episode of this inspiring and entertaining broadcast, the presence of our dear and wonderful friend and associate – Chauncey Wyatt – will be joining us here for our show within this sacred of most spaces… on Awakening Paradigms. Chauncey is an author, philosopher, entrepreneur, and a strong proponent for heart-based businesses and the significant rise of the audiobook industry. His lucrative artistry, creativity, and courageous heart, have greatly inspired many people of whom have come along his way. And he has done so through his marketability, his business skill, and through his highly intuitive nature. Now, this is a particular broadcast for which you, nor your friends nor loved ones, would not want to miss.

GUEST: Chauncey Wyatt
WEBSITE: www.hollywoodbooktrailers.com

ARTIST: Tab and Anitek
TRACK: Foolish Human