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Sarah Westall

Business Game Changers – The Human Potential Project Unleashed and a VC’s Mission to Fund the Best Entrepreneurs in the World

Chris Majer, the founder of the Human Potential Project, describes how his project is forging new ground. He explains why today’s management world is plagued with outdated modes and habits that limit potential. Chris believes everyone has the potential to thrive and that companies need to unleash this potential to compete in the global market space.

The Human Potential Project has been implemented in top companies around the world with great success including AT&T, Microsoft, and Intel. You can learn more about Chris Majer and his company at or

Next we talk with Todd Crosland, founder and CEO of Seed Equity Ventures, about his belief that “the best entrepreneurs in the world should be funded, no matter who they are or where they live”. His approach to funding the best is helping to lead a new path for venture capitalists to evolve their current approaches.

You can learn more about Todd and his company at or contact him directly at

“Evolving with your Money” series starts the show this week with Tom Shepard, Founder and CEO of Shepard Financial. Be sure to listen to previous episodes to learn more about “Evolving with your Money”.

You can see more from Mr. Shepard on his company website at