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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – An Expressive State of Being

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.

Special Guest: Nomi Bachar

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick, a Reiki Master Teacher/medium and author of her newly released book, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, shares insights into our dual nature as physical and spiritual beings learning to apply The Laws of Universal Energy for improved health, for prosperity and an evolved world community, welcomes Nomi Bachar, author of the Gates of Power: Actualize Your True Self which is a comprehensive curriculum for self-discovery and self-actualization.

Nomi and Sheryl will share a look at the way past the outside environmental and social influences minimizing their damaging and limiting effects and sharing an appreciation of living life from your inner sense and the personal power of your intuitive and instinctual soul presence. Nomi Bachar as a psychotherapist counselor and coach lays out “The Seven Gates of Power” and discusses what she calls “The Four Commitments” for achieving a state of self-awareness and finding your ultimate path to peace harmony balance and love.

Nomi was born and raised in Israel, served two years in the army after high school at a border kibbutz under the Golan heights. Nomi returned home and decided to audition for Bet Tzvi, the Academy for the Performing Arts. Nomi writes, “I did not exhibit any acting talents so my family was shocked. It later became clear that the academy started my personal journey toward reclaiming my aliveness inner freedom and creative expression. I was a young woman restricted, bound and even imprisoned by fear insecurities and defensive patterns. I was being guided by a deep need to experience inner freedom…in order to open myself up to joy pleasure and true expression as we need to find out what holds us back and explore the roots of suffering so we may access and open The Gates to our inner power.”

In acting class during an exercise, Nomi remembered a time when she was four and yelled at by her mother and hoped her father would support her and make her feel safe, but both parents were burdened by years of stress and problems and were trying to do their best but Nomi felt alone and afraid….the world seemed cold, indifferent and punitive to Nomi and later on in life, she had to remember these influences and get past this feeling of disconnection.

Nomi says that many feel we are sometimes living alongside life, not really in it, as if there is a glass wall between us and life. Life involves the acceptance of living as a human being and on the other side to realize that we are beings of consciousness moving through a human life. Our journey is one of embracing our earthly existence, creatively and expressively while at the same time coming to know our true nature as spirit, pure awareness, and ultimately One with the Absolute. Sometimes a sense of emptiness and sadness may be born out of our loss of remembrance of our divine nature and the magnificent soul being of creation creativity and joy keeping us withdrawn and joyless as the loss of our childhood spontaneity sense of adventure and playfulness may have been dampened by events that have sadden or diminished our Spirit.

Nomi speaks of suffering and how it could actually deepen our capacity to feel and live in a place of true power and freedom. She tells us we need to look at the inspiring experience of suffering if we truly wish to possess a serious passion for developing the best attributes of ourselves… Coming from a long line of suffering Jews have helped her master the skill of turning suffering into a spiritual gold mind. Since there will be some suffering we can make the best of it and use it to tenderize the soul and deepen our compassion, inspire us to create something good out of the darkness, and nudge us to transform…seeking ways to transform and self-heal is also a strong possibility….suffering can bring one to wholeness much beauty, art and love springs from suffering. We can move away from being a victim and drowning in the sea of sorrow and find treasures in any experience…resisting continues negative action…embracing it and allowing yourself to feel it helps one to move past it better…we need to respect our suffering as we respect our desire for happiness. TWO KINDS OF SUFFERING described are: 1 NATURAL, UNAVOIDABLE SUFFERING- Birth, aging, illness, and loss of loved ones…2 SELF-INFLICTED, SELF-MAINTAINED SUFFERING-Where we keep daggering our own hearts, with destructive self-criticism, rejection, and shame and exile ourselves emotionally away from others into a self-imposed isolation.

Sheryl wonders why death seems to be our greatest fear and what might the two forces that continuously motivate us be which are fear and pain that come from feeling unloved, which can turn into unhealthy self-rejection and self-criticism, and one feels alone and separate…this feeling of isolation feels like death since it goes against our deepest need for a sense of connection and unity. Death may feel like the ultimate separation from life…Our greatest fear is that when we die we will become nothing. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Within the Universe of energy as described by Quantum physics, an atom is the smallest building block of matter moving at the speed of light and within this empty space which is 99.9 percent of the atom is the .10 percent which are actually vibrating waves or impulses of energy. Information moves across the unified field of energy and we are one with this field: part of the whole of interconnected life and possibilities. Therefore as beings of consciousness or energy we don’t die…we change form and move to spirit or pure consciousness. Therefore the concept of separation which causes so much suffering is only an illusion and misrepresentation of our true life force or soul nature.

The two forces motivating us are a deep longing for connection out of which springs joy, love creativity and true self-expression. The other is the fear that keeps us feeling separate, disconnected, and despairing. Our life is a tapestry of choices guided either by passion and connection or fear.

The Seven Gates of Power are not to be confused with the chakra system, the meridians (pathways of energy in the body) or the auric layers. Each gate is a channel of experience and expression.

The Seven Gates of Power are:

  1. THE GATE OF THE BODY –energy field, and physical well-being, as well as its connectedness to our emotional and spiritual experiences
  2. THE GATE OF EMOTIONS –explores the power of emotions, their expression with the aim of creating inner balance and emotional integration
  3. THE GATE OF DIALOGUE – This gate explores the inner (within ourselves) and “outer” (with others) dialogue. The aim is to create constructive, fulfilling and successful relationships.
  4. THE GATE OF CREATIVE EXPRESSION This gate explores and expands our ability to create and express. The aim is to use and enjoy our natural creativity in all areas of life.
  5. THE GATE OF LIFE PATH This Gate explores personal choices, life goals, and visions, with the aim of helping us to both actualize them and be a contributing force to ourselves, life, and our communities.
  6. THE GATE OF SILENCE This Gate explores the realm of silence prayer and meditation with the aim of creating a peaceful mind and developing a spiritual connection.
  7. THE GATE OF KNOWLEDGE This gate provides a space of inquiry for life’s big questions and personal insights regarding them. The Gates true to their nature are channels of inner power. The Gates of Knowledge holds a space of inquiry for the most important questions…Who are we? Why are we here? What is life all about? What is the nature of REALITY?

The Gates are the pathways of fulfillment are a road map with a few guiding principles and when they become commitments you can create transformation.

The Four Commitments are:


Knowing Yourself.

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one’s nature perfectly—that is what each of us is here for. Heartfelt observation accompanied by patience, compassionate witnessing, listening without judgment, becoming aware, noticing being presence.. LISTENING TO YOURSELF!!

Take time to touch your pain and vulnerability with kindness and cultivate your joys. From childhood on we accumulate negative attitudes interpretations expectations and behavioral patterns that diminish our self-esteem. Identifying these negative imprints assists us in shifting releasing and re patterning.


Attending to Yourself

Confront the dark parts of yourself and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. Taking care of ourselves and not depending on others for our emotional and psychological wellbeing becomes a pleasure great adventure and a great discovery. You can take care of others effortlessly if you take care of yourself.


Creating Discipline for Self-transformation

The third commitment emerges from the first two as knowing yourself and attending to yourself both need time, focus and awareness—in other words discipline Along the way of life as a reaction to stress and difficult experiences we collect perceptions about ourselves and life that we internalize…many of these are negative and constricting. Ex. if we think rich people are corrupt we may not allow ourselves to be wealthy and prosperous…Clearing out old programming is necessary to create new beliefs customs and physical habits that support fulfillment!!!!


Living a Life of Contribution

Life like a mirror, never gives back more than we put into it. ANONYMOUS

The fourth commitment is to find what your gifts are and how to make the most of them and as the Jewish tradition the concept of tikun olam translates to repairing the world. We are endowed with the ability to repair renew beautify and manifest goodness and so establish Heaven on Earth…God has dominion over the heavens and we in turn are given the earth to take care of. So we are God’s assistance.

Nomi says it is natural to experience different aspects within the self. We all have different aspects of self…we can be vulnerable: other times harsh and defensive…At times we can be playful and silly or other times solemn, severe humorless. One moment we can be friendly, open and accepting, the next moment judgmental and rejecting….

Sheryl says, “I think if everyone could understand our duality as both spiritual and physical beings dealing with different aspects of self-development and the fact that each person’s perception of what is important in their own life journey may allow us to let go of judgment and thinking people are doing things wrong when in actually they are doing what they need for their own growth and true sense of wellbeing. Mostly we just need to observe without interrupting them.”

Observed are three clearly defined aspects of self:

The Emotional Self

Emotions are made of feelings that organize themselves into physical and behavioral patterns. There are two shades light and dark…pleasant and emotions such as suffering anger shame guilt. Our emotional Self is extremely powerful and deeply affects our energies, body and our lives.

The Defensive Self

The Defensive Self is the aspect of self that is concerned with emotional and physical survival…it originates out of the need to secure love and connection and out of fear of physical or emotional alienation.. The defensive self is an energetic physical, psychological strong suit we create in order to feel secure and accepted. Another name for the Defensive Self is the Ego…character defense.

The Expanded Self

The Higher Self, Sud Guru, The Divine Spark, the Inner Christ Elohit, the observer and so forth. This aspect of you is capable of awareness and witnessing—compassionate observation. ..Heartfelt knowledge and wisdom This part of yourself is your true nature beyond feelings that come and go and beyond your defensive construct and beyond your personality and your conception of yourself… It holds your essence, your spirit, your soul….

Most of us don’t experience life from our Expanded Self. We are aware of it but not fully living in it…To become settled in the Expanded Self and have our life be an expression of it is the work of healing and supporting our Emotional Self and dissolving or softening our Defensive Self.

Nomi mentions The Ten Commandments for Cultivating Power through the Body .

  1. Keep a Loving Attentive Dialogue with your Body Listen to your body as it talks to you of your stresses, your pleasures, your feelings and your choices.
  2. Take Care Of Your Inner Life-the healthier you are emotionally mentally and spiritually the easier it is for your body to cope.
  3. Breathe The breath is God’s music playing through you. The cultivation of mindfulness and the ability to be present will help you release the breath when you catch yourself freezing it and the breath will in turn ground you in the present moment.
  4. Take in Good Nutrition Eat as close to Mother Nature as possible Drink lots of Water.
  5. Move Dance Exercise Remember your body loves to express itself in joy.
  6. Rest and Relax.
  7. Groom, Clean, Beautify .
  8. Touch and be Touched Hug the people you are close to Discover sensuous affectionate ways of expressing love: Healing Modalities… energy healing Reiki polarity acupuncture shiatsu craniosacral Rolfing massage etc.
  9. Enjoy Sensual & Sexual Pleasure- Safe emotionally fulfilling and non-addictive Addictive sexual activity is a way to cover up emotions or run away from them. Pleasure that is healing is what should be honored.
  10. Keep Adventure As Part of Your Life New experiences travel new people and new ways to experience familiar things…new foods, new music, do something you have never done before.

Sheryl and Nomi have attempted to answer the following questions… Who am I, Why am I here? What is in my way? How do I get there?

In other words how do I realize who I am and fulfill my life purpose? Nomi shares a story of a client who tried to give an explanation for her life circumstances..

Nomi wrote, “When she asked her, “Who are you? She answered, “ I am a multi-leveled being.” Tell me more I said…She responded I am an incest survivor who is learning to take responsibility for my rights, my boundaries, my lessons and my strengths…I am an artist, an actress, singer and vocal coach. I am a mother and a wife. At the same time I feel I am none of these things. These different roles feel like assignments that I am completing with deep sincerity and dedication for the purpose of growth. Then who are you really, I asked again…. I have a sense that I am a consciousness witnessing itself.”

Sheryl tells Nomi “This reminds me of when my father passed and I wrote his eulogy over 20 years ago and I wrote “A man wears many masks and is viewed by those in his life in different ways. To me he was a father, to my mom, a husband to his brother, a sibling and to his patients, a doctor… but in the end, he was a spirit of love and hope for eternal life, an energy of higher consciousness and a soul connected to all of life but free of the masks he wore in the physical world…” In other words Consciousness survives physical death and we are the energy of Universal Source here to remember our true nature.”