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Be Your Best! Reduce Your Stress

Ben Bernstein, PhD

Be Your Best! Reduce Your Stress –

Life is one change after another. There are the small daily ones — a change in your calendar, you get an unexpected call, you have to take the bus to work rather than drive.  But it’s the big changes that really test your mettle with all the stressors they create:  leaving home and going off to college and suddenly you’re surrounded by people you don’t know and on a schedule you didn’t create;  starting a new job with all kinds of rules and regulations that you need to learn right away; meeting someone and getting married; having kids.
One big change that turns out to be unexpectedly stressful for many is the transition into retirement. The halo of “having time to smell the roses” quickly fades when you find that you miss the daily routine of going to a job and now don’t know what to do with yourself. Worse, you don’t know what to do with your partner. Of course this doesn’t apply to all couples, but significantly the divorce rate for couples over 50 has doubled since 1990 and more than doubled for couples over 65.  What’s going on with the steadily rising rate of “gray divorce”?
Joining this episode of BE YOUR BEST! REDUCE YOUR STRESS is Dr. Sara Yogev, a clinical psychologist in Chicago who works with individuals and couples.  Dr. Yogev’s comprehensive book, A Couple’s Guide to Happy Retirement, covers the sometimes rocky terrain a couple faces when one or both retire.  She has a lot to say to those in retirement about everyday issues of housework, money, and family and how these stressors can be channeled into productive, mutually satisfying decisions and plans that can actually bring a couple closer together rather than split them apart. You can find Dr. Yogev on the web.   For more information about Dr. B, explore his website.