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Lynn Torre, CFP

Mind-Money Connection – Are the Jones’ Keepin’ Up with their Finances?

We can all relate to the concept of “keeping up with the Jones”. It might be the neighbor next door who wants to impress you with their new furniture, latest electronic gadget or expensive car. He/she is often all about the “stuff” that they own.

You also may recognize her in a friend who practices “retail therapy”. Shopping makes her feel good about herself. In some case she may even hide her purchases from her spouse so he doesn’t know that she is using her credit card. I describe this Financial Personality as Mr & Mrs Keepin’ Up with the Jones’. These spending habits may lead to a shortage of cash to pay the rest of their bills. Uh Oh!

My guest is Angie Noll, owner of Norita Co She helps people find peace and organization with their finances. Using a Daily Money Management system, Angie helps individuals and small businesses get their spending habits under control. You can contact her at 312-961-9304 or

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