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The Janet Love Show – Sex as Medicine with Author Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a gifted teacher, author, speaker and intuitive coach. Jennifer’s goal with her clientele is to locate the root of any relationship issue that may be impairing living an extraordinary life in and outside the bedroom.
Jennifer’s wisdom comes from living through her own relationship experiences and challenges and not only overcoming depression, anxiety, illness and sexual trauma but learning how to heal and use those experiences as catalysts for transformation in her own life.
Jennifer discusses in this show the idea of a healthy sex life being good medicine for the body, mind and spirit!  Jennifer connects the dots from the outer being to the inner being in order to develop self mastery through Sex as Medicine! 
Jennifer is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotherapists, Alliance Coaching and The Spiritual Response Therapy Association for Healers. She also uses Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP Therapy). Her books, Odyssey Victim to Victory is an autobiographical account of her own life. Orgasm for Life is a book designed to ignite passion and get people tuned up and turned on to discover the bliss within!  Both books are available on Amazon