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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Developing Your Intuition and Soul Values

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Danielle MacKinnonn
In today’s episode of “Healing from Within”, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares Sheryl’s experiences as a Reiki Energy Healing Teacher and medium showing ways to know ourselves as both spiritual and physical beings and learn to use the Universal Laws of Energy to create lives utilizing intuition for making healthier choices while moving past fear, restriction or limitation. Sheryl welcomes Danielle MacKinnon author of Soul Contracts. Danielle is a psychic medium, intuitive coach and leading edge animal communicator.
Danielle and Sheryl will explore the purpose and value of developing your intuition and other spiritual gifts and introduce a healing system that Danielle works with to remove chronic barriers to inner peace, joy and happiness. Hidden promises and energetic barriers lodged deep in our soul described by Danielle as “Soul Contracts” are a force holding many people back from their greatest potential to thrive. Through a 5 step process Danielle teaches you to identify, master, and release these hidden blocks that are standing in the way to success.
Since Danielle was a child she had been supersensitive with a strong connection and love for animals. She remembers telling her mother that she knew what each of her 32 caterpillars was thinking. She sensed how her hamster was feeling…and knew what other people were thinking or feeling..her mother didn’t know anything about intuition energy or psychic abilities so she was just labeled Danielle as “oversensitive”. The problem wasn’t being uncomfortable with myself but uncomfortable with the world….reacting to the many different energies given off by people places or situation.
Sheryl shares a similar set of circumstances by saying, “I had the same reactions as a child when members of my family and teachers were unable to understand that we were part of a smaller segment of the population who were extremely empathic and able to receive information from all forms of energy surroundings us. There wasn’t a great interest or knowledge about the possibilities of these spiritual gifts that some people have…today it is much more spoken about and written about.”
Sheryl’s new book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, is a belief based on her work as a Reiki Master Teacher and medium and the stories of diversified people who she has met along the way. It is only by learning about energy and self-investigation of emotions, thoughts and the actions of others that we can begin to focus on engaging the best of our experiences… thereby becoming healthier happier and more productive spiritual- physical human beings.
Danielle goes on to tell us about her experience with her dog Bella and the trip to the animal psychic. “The dog knew Bruce could understand him and told him that she was upset because I was fighting with my husband about my mother..He said a lot more and everything was actually validation of what was happening in my life and home. Until that moment I was following the path of an MBA..with a great job in marketing going to the gym and having time with my husband…but I wasn’t happy…a piece of my soul died every time I walked into my office building. I wanted to move back to California and write a book.” When Bruce mentioned the word “Mother” he realized a BUMP CONTRACT was in effect. Daniellle was supposed to be helping people and animals and was psychic and became ready to start using it.
Sheryl says she finds that children and animals are aware of people who exhibit a higher vibration or more loving nature and are drawn to them naturally. As they become more ingrained in the patterns and behaviors of their families and culture through socialization processes many sensitive people lose this natural ability to read energy and loss an important means of navigating the world. This often goes along with a loss of trust in those who censor them and a bit of freedom is lost. Danielle tells us that a Soul Contract is part of your soul system. Many unseen and unconscious energies influence you every day. They can cause you to be taken away from your ability to discover who you are and may also prevent you from living life as you wish and having the relationships you desire.
The things that are blocking you from your achievements are actually showing you how to free yourself. The animals showed Danielle that animals will sacrifice their comfort, security, bodies and well-being to assist their human charge in learning a “Soul Lesson.” An example of a soul lesson is the story of a little 6 pound Chihuahua who peed in a plant when the husband was hitting his wife. The dogs job was to teach this woman to honor herself and take care of herself.
The different parts of your “Soul System” are Seed Thoughts, Discordant Emotions, and Root Belief Systems. These energies manifest as challenges hidden pervasive blocks that stop you from reaching your goal or that push you to have negative feelings about yourself…these energies are actually shortcuts to learning life lessons but first you have to master and rework your soul system. To do this you must address all levels—energetic, mental emotional physical and spiritual in order to experience the greatest release of all patterns and behaviors so you can move forward.
Discordant Emotion is a negative emotion that is present when you start to lose your connection to your Soul Root Belief Systems are when a Soul System becomes unhealthy. If it contains even one Root Belief your connection to your Soul is are blocked from accessing the brilliance of who you really are….instead you’ll end up tapping into the untruths within this Root Belief System which may imply to you that you are unworthy, unintelligent, unprepared for life and other negative feelings…these systems cause repeated patterns of unhappiness failure sadness depression anger and negativity. Example Success in life depends on being skinny like a 6 foot Saturn body type..
Seed Thoughts…ex of Sara, Mother taking care of father who is ill and Sara feels tossed aside and disappointed in her mother for the lack of attention and a sense of betrayal. She needs love and expects her mother to be there for her, A Seed Thoughts is then created.
  1. I am not good enough
  2. I am not lovable
Seed Thoughts also called shadows, negativity, entities etc. are powerful energies holding particularly negative vibrations.
The Discordant emotions attached to this story of Sara creates feelings of abandonment, anger, disappointment, sadness and loneliness. If Sara had allowed herself to experience the negativity when it first happened she would not feel it as acutely when it happens later in life and until these seed thoughts and Discordant Emotions are eliminated from the Soul Contract Sara will never be free of this system.
A Soul Contract comes from putting all the elements together when the Seed Thought is disturbing enough to push you to create a Soul Contract…it takes a very deep level of anger and frustration as well as one underlying Seed Thought to create a Soul Contract which will then exist until new thinking counteracts the original Seed Thoughts. A Soul Contract indicates an area of your life where you have deep work to do…A LESSON TO LEARN…it points to a place “within” where you don’t believe your own brilliance.
When your Soul Lesson is ignored, Soul Contracts become bigger more tumultuous and traumatic experiences may surface to draw your attention to a point in your life or loss connection to your soul.
Sheryl wonders what perhaps were Danielle’s seed thoughts, discordant emotions or Soul Contracts that she overcame in developing this system of getting to the root of patterns that keep a person from releasing these blocks or if she can describe a client and their situation and how they discovered their energy blocks and how they benefited as a result. Danielle gives the story of Annika. A child that lacked proper care both physically and emotionally, ignored by her parents and at 3 years old had feelings of sadness disappointment in the world and abandonment. Her family actually moved to South America without her. Annika thought she wasn’t good enough to be taken along…her Soul Contract developed said..”To avoid disappointment hurt, and pain, I must never be happy.”
Danielle says that many self help techniques do not work due to two reasons: First they ask you to consider yourself broken, they offer you a tool to fix yourself. That perspective is not the truth…You are absolutely perfect…the influencing energies or past unresolved issues have kept you from accessing more wisdom about who you are. Second Many self help techniques ask you to work at the behavioral or physical world issues rather than the Soul Level..When you change your energy at the Soul Level the old challenge will stop existing. (You won’t have to make sure you are speaking up or that you are putting yourself first—it will happen automatically)
The Five Steps to a Healthy Soul System are:
  1. Build Your Foundation (Make superior decisions)
  2. Increase Awareness ( Identify the components of your Soul System that needs releasing—the disempowering Soul Contracts and blocks.)
  3. Embody the Lesson (Developing New Patterns based on different decisions)
  4. Establish Mastery (Noticing all the small sustainable steps embodying the lesson)
  5. Release (Release Soul Contracts and Seed Thoughts)
The parts of a Healthy Soul System are:
  1. Your Soul…..Your Soul is the essence of your being and the foundation of your existence here on Earth.
  2. Your connection to Source …the Universe. With this connection in place and its pathways cleared, your intuition balances with your logical mind perfectly.
  3. The living desire…to help you see, feel, hear, breathe, experience and know the unconditional love that exists within all of us every day.
Danielle describes a “Soul Purpose” which is not a part of your Soul System of Seed Thoughts Discordant Emotions and Soul Contracts and its very different from your Soul Contracts. Every human has a pre-birth plan that determines what they are supposed to do in their lifetime. This plan is different from your soul Contract..which works individually on your own repressed seed thoughts that diminish your access and realization of your perfect brilliant safe and whole Soul. The Soul Purpose is your main contribution to human consciousness. Example It may be to teach others to be more kind, work with those who are less fortunate, create a great work of art or act as a Role Model in some way. Once you begin working with your purpose you will feel complete, people will take notice,… so when you see someone with a special gift or natural talent you are seeing them expressing their Soul Purpose.
The main categories of Soul Contracts are:
  1. Life-Time Soul Contract consisting of past and present life. Lifetime Soul Contracts are not created before your Soul enters a new body…they are formed during a lifetime by repeated experiences and particular Seed Thoughts and lead you to eventually create a Lifetime Soul Contract..example seed thought of feeling unsafe that began when you were 4 years old leads you to close yourself off from other people so you won’t have to worry about feeling vulnerable ..your Lifetime Soul Contracts will manifest as challenges, blocks and discomforts Life-time Soul Contracts make you feel you have no choice but to make dramatic changes in your perception and life choices.
  2. Pre-Birth Soul Contract consisting of relationships animals and bumps ( A bump contract will only show up in your life as a kind of Plan B if you are avoiding a certain lesson..could be a cheating spouse: a winning lottery ticket or even a serious diagnosis) Based on the idea that the soul never dies and move between lifetimes and the Source forever..This also refers to the time between lifetimes prior to the Soul’s next incarnation where the Pre-birth Soul Contract is formed.
Danielle describes these Pre-birth Soul Contracts and gives an example of how they form and their purpose. Example…Melissa says to John in Spirit together… “In my upcoming lifetime I’m going to work on believing in myself. Would you assist me with this?” John says Sure and can you help me to learn to be more independent. The agreement becomes a contract and at some point in their lives Melissa and John will meet and begin assisting each other. So Souls help each other learn Soul Lessons and climb up the Vibrational scale towards Enlightenment. “
Although your life is pre-determined it does not take away your free-will…the way two Souls will create and fulfill a Soul Contract isn’t pre-determined only that these two souls will meet and their interactions will be geared toward helping each other with their Soul Lesson.
Sheryl says we meet so many people in our lives and wonders if we have Soul Contracts with all of them or if can we spend a lot of time and energy on a person who is not one of our Soul Contracts. Danielle says your Soul has created millions of Pre-Birth Soul Contracts with other Souls and when you meet someone and feel a zing or something of that nature that’s the activation of the contract. Consider every person in your life a teacher who can show you something about yourself and then you are on track…some of the people will not be harmonious with your thinking or ways of moving through life. Your Soul Contracts help you evolve on many levels even the ones you are not aware of.
Danielle has shared her story of knowing from childhood that she resonated and vibrated at a higher light energy and found her way to support animals and help people learn about destiny and predetermined life paths and to begin to know the joy in being connected to a Guide Team and Source finding their Soul Purpose and ridding themselves of limiting patterns and earlier traumas which imprinted on their Soul Being damping the light and joy of their Spirit.
In The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, Sheryl shares through an understanding of energy and higher vibrational forces and as a medium downloading messages from Spirit that by accepting our spiritual Soul needs in conjunction with our human Ego based Mind system and Emotional issues we can live in two worlds: That of the Infinite or Unseen and also the world of the Physical or Seen.
What a gift our life is once we release traumas of the past and find the freedom of the Soul. “ I wrote in The Living Spirit ” Each Human being builds through unity and purpose of experiences an indivisible “ONENESS” of the finest aspects of divine blessings which are love, humility, forgiveness and the generosity of merging ourselves with All that Is. The purpose must be to prepare and refine our souls through our choices made in our physical lives for an eternal soul life worthy of divine introspection.”
Danielle and Sheryl would encourage you to begin the inner search for your spiritual gifts and life purpose while you move forward to find the true source of your happiness and joy in living. Then you will begin to improve relationships, though patterns and know yourself for the magnificent and perfect soul you are. Peace harmony balance and love can be the reward for this journey of Self-investigation.
Guest: Danielle MacKinnon