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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Latest News & Products in Cosmetic Surgery (Summer 2015) – Dr Lycka & Dr Schlessinger

Almost every month there seems to be some new and exciting ‘thing’ coming out which offers the potential to sort out some annoying skin problem, re-shape our bodies or roll back the clock to make us look younger… But it can be hard to separate hype from truth which is why we have a popular return guest, Dr Joel Schlessinger with us this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today. Dr Schlessinger is a board certified dermatologist and he also specialises in keeping up with the latest products, materials and devices appearing in the world of cosmetic surgery. He shares his latest cosmetic surgery news with show host, Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka, and the two doctors talk in great detail about a new filler for lips (Restylane Silk), an injectable ‘fat buster’ for double chins (Kybella), skin lightening products that do not contain hydroquinone, and another longer term dermal filler called Emervel. They also debate the merits of longer term filling substances, the problems with developing & testing new products, and on a personal note – the importance of considering the health care facilities in different worldwide vacation destinations!

Download the Show Notes here for the detailed content of this interview in PDF format.